Have you been wondering what you could do with those abundant fresh herbs you see in all the farmer's markets at this time of the season? Easy! Try chimichurri!

This herb and hot pepper mixture, originally from Argentina, is wonderfully aromatic and flavourful, great to accompany many dishes, vegetarian or not!

Would you rather try a different mix of herbs than the ones suggested below? No problem! Be creative, and don't stop yourself from making different tests to satisfy your taste.

You will need:

• A big bouquet of parsley
• A big bouquet of fresh cilantro
• A small bouquet of fresh thyme or origano (or both!)
• One small (or two, if you like it spicy) hot peppers
  (cayenne, jalapeno, serano...)
• One shallot
• 1/4 to 1/3 cup of lime juice or wine vinegar
• Salt (to taste)
• 1/4 cup of olive oil


1. Clean and dry the fresh herbs. Sort the leaves from the stems for the thyme, oregano and parsley. The cilantro stems should be used since they are tender and tasty.
2. Put all the herbs in the food processor, as well as the hot pepper (with the seeds if you like it hot!), the shallot, salt and olive oil. Put the lid on and start the processor.
3. Pour the lime juice or wine vinegar through the lid hole while the food processor is on to help make a more even texture. It should be coarse, not finely chopped.
4. Put everything in ice trays in the freezer, once everything is frozen transfer the cubes into a sealed container. Only take one or more cubes out of the freezer when needed and let them thaw. This will prevent your delicious chiumichurri from going bad because it was left in the refrigerator refrigerator for too long!
5. Serve with what you like: scrambled eggs, salads, soups, meat…. it adds a wonderful flavour to any dish!