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Upcoming Courses


Info Session
(November 7)

Thai Style Head Massage
(November 7-8)

Anatomy & Physiology level 1
(November 9-13)

Thai Yoga Massage 1
(November 11-15)

Guided Review: TYM 5
(November 12, 5-8pm)

Couples Thai Yoga Massage
(November 15)

Thai Yoga Massage 2
(November 18-22)

Thai Yoga Massage 4
(November 21-29) weekends
Ashiatsu 2
(November 27-29)

Table Thai 2
(December 4-6)

Traditional Thai Aroma Oil Massage (December 4-7)
Intro to Thai Yoga Massage
(December 5)

Thai Yoga Massage 3
(December 9-13)

Thai Yoga Massage 4
(December 16-20)

Lomilomi 2
(December 18-20)


Intro to Thai Yoga Massage
(November 5)

Thai Yoga Massage 1
(November 11-15)

Thai Yoga Massage 4
(November 25-29)

Ayurvedic Thai Therapy 2
(November 25-29)

Thai Yoga Massage 2

(Nov 28 - Dec 6) weekends

Intro to Thai Yoga Massage
(December 10)

Traditional Thai Aroma Oil Massage (December 12-15)


Thai Yoga Massage 2
IYI, New York, NY (Nov 11-15)

Thai Style Head Massage

Kripalu (November 13-15)

Thai Yoga Massage 2
Kripalu (November 15-20)

Info Session

November 7th, 1-3pm
in Montreal

Come by to learn more about Thai Yoga Massage and how to start your career as a massage therapist. Discover more about our classes, training and why the Lotus Palm is right for you!

Free and open to everyone!

Register for the Info Session in Montreal on November 7th, 1pm-3pm.

Couples Thai Yoga Massage

November 15th, 1-5pm
in Montreal

In this 4-hour workshop you will learn new ways to give nurturing intentional touch to your partner through Thai Yoga Massage.

Course content:
• Perform a 30 minute full-body
• Utilize intentional touch and awareness to create a mutually beneficial experience
• Integrate Metta (loving kindness) and meditation into the massage

Register for this workshop as a couple November 15th in Montreal

THAI-ing it all up!

Book Launch: November 22nd

Gisele Seto teamed up with Kam Thye Chow, Sukha Wong, Tony Eng, and Maya Furuta, to bring you "THAI-ing it all up! Beyond trauma, nutrition and holistic bodywork".

This book is a loving and passionate joint writing effort, highlighting each of their encounters with the healing arts of yoga, massage, bodywork and mind-body nutrition.

Mark your calendars! This book launches November 22nd, 2015 on Amazon and at the Stress Management and Health Solutions - Fair and Symposium in Montreal.

See the event page on for more information.

Stay tuned  on Gisele SETO bodyWOK's Facebook page for more information about the book launch.

Practical Uses For:

Bergamot Orange Essential Oil

November is the month of grey days, rain and for some people... little kicks of depression! But don’t worry: Bergamot essential oil comes to our rescue!

In addition to its properties that help problematic skins and to balance your mood, this cross between lime and bitter orange has a fresh and joyful scent! Use a few drops in a neutral soap for bathing and showering or put a few drops in a diffuser or a handkerchief to inhale. You will suddenly feel more energetic and happy!

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Exciting News!

Thinking of becoming a massage therapist? Well, we have the perfect program for you! Growing interest in alternative medicine means increased enthusiasm for a much-needed variety of massage therapy modalities.

With the collaboration of RMQ (Regroupement des Massothérapeutes du Québec) and MonRéseau Plus we are proud to bring you a complete 400-hour Thai Therapist Program that will start a rewarding career or bring your Thai practice to another professional level.

Starting in 2016 our Lotus Palm Thai Therapist Program will be recognized across the board as a curriculum of its own. We have worked hard to offer a solid program that includes Anatomy & Physiology, Pathology, Helping Relationships, Sexuality in the Professional Practice, Professional Ethics, and Interview Techniques. This Thai Therapist Program will kick start your career and assure you to practice and collaborate with other professionals with confidence. Our intimate staff of qualified teachers makes this Massage Program fun and easy to learn!

You will be taught how to customize a Thai Massage flow with stretches, compressions, and reflexology that includes a thorough health assessment with Ayurvedic and Energy line elements. With nutrition, exercise and lifestyle recommendations, you will assist your clients to make better choices for themselves, as well as balancing and managing their discomforts by understanding where they might come from.

With Quebec's regulations to increase the numbers of hours in Massage Therapy in the near future, we offer for those who are already Thai Therapists with RMQ, a 5-year grandfather clause to update their practice. A notice will be sent out shortly by RMQ. Stay tuned!

Whether you are already a massage therapist who is looking to update your massage skills and add to your CEUs or someone who wants to start a new career in massage therapy, our well-rounded program has something to offer you!

For detailed information visit our website.

-Sukha Wong
Director of Lotus Palm

Traditional Thai Aroma Oil Massage

December 4-7 in Montreal &
December 12-15 in Toronto

Whether you are already a therapist, or simply want to learn a new skill for fun, this course is for you! Learn traditional Thai oil techniques straight from Thailand! In this 4 day workshop you'll learn how to prepare oils traditionally used to calm, cool, or invigorate the body.

Thai aroma oil massage is a rhythmic transitional flow of movements working sen lines (energy lines), marma points (acupressure points), and various techniques to balance the body. This 90 minute Thai oil session will leave your recipient blissfully relaxed! Course content and outline:

• Learn the history of Oil Massage
• Learn about various oils traditionally used in Thailand and aroma oil blends
• Learn proper Thai protocol, draping techniques, and contraindications
• Perform a 90 min. holistic massage using specific essential oil blends to catered to any body type
• Learn to flow from one technique to another effortlessly
• Learn to embody the practice of metta (loving compassion)

Register for this course:
• Montreal: December 4-7, 2015
• Toronto: December 12-15, 2015

Anatomy & Physiology
for Yoga and Thai Practitioners 1

November 9-13 in Montreal

Learn basic anatomy, physiology, injury assessment, and massage application in a hands-on way that is directed towards Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage. This course helps you to practice safely and addresses common physical discomforts as related to Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage.

Course content:
• Body Mechanics and movement
• Contraindications
• Common pathologies
• Physiological Systems
• The skeleton, articulations and muscles of the body as related to Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage
• Muscle and muscle group with its functions as related to Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage postures

More information and online registration

At the Heart of Lotus Palm

Dhokela Yzeiraj

"The practice of Thai Yoga Massage came to me this past winter in a humble yurt studio nestled in the woods of Maine. It was in that yurt that I discovered the power of intuitive touch and how we all have it in us."

Read her story on our blog

Lotus Palm Mat Set

Designed for Practitioners

The Lotus Palm Mat Set has been designed with firmer, higher quality foam providing improved knee protection, greater comfort and a superior massage. Used for Thai Yoga Massage, Shiatsu, Yoga, Pilates and more!

• 1 Main Mat
   Dimensions: 82 5/8" X 38" x 3/4" (210cm X 96.5cm X 2cm)
• 2 Side Mats
   Dimensions: 39 5/8" X 16 1/2" X 3/4" ea. (100.5cm X 42cm X 2cm ea.)
• 3 Buckles

* Special price for a limited time only. Regular price: $280 CAD.

Available online and at our Montreal and Toronto centers.

Recipe of the Month

Pumpkin Curry

Autumn is the time for squash and there are plenty available in the markets! This recipe with curry can be made with your choice of pumpkin, red kuri, butternut or buttercup squash but feel free to experiment with your favourite ones.

See the recipe on our blog

Last chance to join the Back to School Program!
Thai Yoga Massage 1 to 6

Everything included for only $3900!

Start your Thai Yoga Massage career this November with a Level 1 in  Toronto or Montreal and take advantage of this fantastic special! Go back to the classroom this fall and save $695!

This Program Includes: ($4595 value)
• Levels 1 to 6 of Thai Yoga Massage ($3690 value)
• The 4 necessary books: (155$ value)
• 3 supervisions (1 for each certification): ($525 value)
• 3 certification application fees: ($150 value)
• A free 2-year subscription to our web listing: (75$ value)

Begin your career with any of these Level 1 courses:
TYM 1 in Montreal:
• November 11-15

TYM 1 in Toronto:
• November 11-15

* This special is valid until November 15th, 2015.

More information about the Back to School Special

If you have any questions or comments contact office@lotuspalm.com

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