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A State Of Mind

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Lotus Palm Newsletter

Upcoming Courses Montreal

2-6 | Thai Yoga Massage 3
7 | Guided Review: TYM 2
9-13 | Thai Yoga Massage 4
16-20 | Thai Yoga Massage 1
18-20 | Herbal Compress Massage 1
24 | Guided Review: TYM 3
30 - Apr 3 | Thai Yoga Massage 2

9 | Info Session
10 | Intro to Thai Yoga Massage


11-13 | Table Thai 1
29 | Intro to Thai Yoga Massage

4-8 | TYM & Myo-Fascial Release 1
9-11 | Lomilomi 1
13-17 | Thai Yoga Massage 3


16-20 | Thai Yoga Massage 2
IYI, New York City

22 - May 1 | Thai Yoga Massage
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
with Retreat Life

Éléonore's Ayurvedic Tip

Panchakarma Experience in India

For the last 5 years, I’ve been hearing about panchakarma, a word that remained quite vague for me. An Ayurvedic spa, a deep detox? Different experiences and readings gave me a better idea, but it still wasn’t completely clear.

I kept it in mind knowing that one day, I would be ready for it, and that I would do it in India. That time came this winter..."

Read Éléonore's panchakarma experience on our blog.

Lotus Palm in Nicaragua

April 22nd to May 1st, 2016

Connect with others as you get to know yourself by integrating the healing art of Thai Massage. Come and learn with Sukha Wong under the palapa of the Casa Bahia hotel, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Retreat Life, in collaboration with Lotus Palm Institute of Thai Yoga Massage & Traditional Bodywork, will be presenting an intensive 6-day certified Thai Yoga Massage training in beautiful San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua!

A retreat that you surely do not want to miss!

More information on Retreat Life's website.

Practical Uses For:

Lemon Verbena Essential Oil
(Aloysia triphylla)

The long winter brings the same usual inconveniences. What's better when we are suffering from asthenia, intellectual and nervous fatigue, temporary depression or sadness, and dark thoughts than an essence with the potential to bring you exceptional serenity?

The actions of Lemon Verbena (Aloysia triphylla) on the psycho-emotional level might be very beneficial for you! Keep this wonderful essential oil handy and use it to pamper yourself to restore your spirit while toning your nervous system.

Because it is a bit pricey, it is best used in dry inhalation (one or two drops on a handkerchief or scarf) or diluted in a neutral oil and applied on the skin (a skin test is always recommended).

Info Session

April 9th, 1-3pm
in Montreal

Come by to learn more about Thai Yoga Massage and how to start your career as a massage therapist. Discover more about our classes, training and why the Lotus Palm is right for you!

Free and open to everyone!

Register for the Info Session in Montreal on April 9th, 1pm-3pm.

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A State of Mind

You ever have one of those bad weeks? When the world outside looks and feels like one big grey cloud? I just had one of those weeks! As I laid in bed, I had all these scenarios that would play out in my head. I was plotting how to throttle certain people and how to burn some of their ugly looking shoes. Yes! You know who you are!

After feeling a little better, I begrudgingly rolled out of bed and went to work. It was one bad day after another, and just when I think I have lost all trust in humanity and everyone is one big smelly toe sock, someone comes up to me and gives me a hug!

The world is right again! Hugs get me every time!

-Sukha Wong
Director of Lotus Palm

Yoga Conference & Show

April 1-3, 2016
at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

We always have so much fun at the Yoga Conference! It's a great opportunity to share our passion for Thai Massage, meet wonderful people and discover new things in the world of yoga! The Lotus Palm family will be there again this year at booths: 1314, 1316 & 1318 to answer to your questions about training, courses and careers.

Pass by to hear about the exciting programs we have to offer and get a Thai Massage with one of our students to experience the benefits first hand! There will be exclusive specials on courses you won't want to miss. We can't wait to see you there!

More information on our website

Common Core Courses

Starting September 2016

Did you complete your Thai Yoga Massage training at Lotus Palm and are a member of the RMQ (Regroupement des Massothérapeutes du Québec)?

The following message is important and addressed to you:

Since its inception, Lotus Palm has been constantly advancing and we have been preparing for a long time to meet the growing demands of massage therapy associations. In addition, we are actively working to have Thai Yoga Massage acknowledged as a basic technique and have our training recognized by major associations. Fortunately for everyone, this is coming very soon!

Consequently, we need to update our program and Lotus Palm graduates practicing massage therapy in the province of Quebec and members of the RMQ will be required to take Common Core Courses.

Continue reading on our website

Did you know...

There are approximately 5 million touch receptors in our skin, and about 3,000 in each finger tip?
Touch receptors are the nerve cells that tell your brain about tactile sensations. There are several types but they can be divided into two groups: mechanoreceptors that tell you about sensations of pushing, pulling or movement and thermoreceptors that tell you about sensations of temperature.

Herbal Compress Massage 1

March 18-20 in Montreal

By using techniques of patting, gliding, rolling and pounding, essential oils are released from the heated compresses penetrating and absorbing deeply to relax and detoxify the body. This can benefit those with conditions such as inflamed joints, arthritis, fibromyalgia, soft tissue injuries, and has profound effects on the body.

After this hands-on 3-day intensive workshop, students will leave with a comprehensive knowledge of Thai herbal compress bundle making and take home their personalized herbal compresses.

More information and online registration on our website.

At the Heart of Lotus Palm

Ramin Salimi

"My name is Ramin, meaning "one who calms" in Persian. I used to think that I had inherited the quality of the name in reverse. That I was the one in search of tranquility."

Read his story on our blog.

Lomilomi 1 with Sukha

April 9-11 in Toronto

Lomilomi is not just a physical experience; it also facilitates healing on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well. Much of this work is done by loving compassion using loving hands and an open heart.

Learn this ancient form of Hawaiian massage that covers broad areas of the body using long continual strokes incorporating prayer, breath, dance and energy into this Lomilomi massage.

Register online: April 9-11 in Toronto with Sukha Wong

Recipe of the Month

Fresh Salad

This finely chopped salad is fresh, tasty and easy to make! Put a little bit of spring on your plate to get you through the last leg of winter. It makes a wonderful accompaniment for fish or thin crust pizza.

See the recipe on our blog.

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