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A Labour of Love

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Practical Uses For:

Mastic Essential Oil

Among the virtues of Mastic (or Pistacia lentiscus) we find cardiovascular benefits that can help fight cellulite, hemorrhoids, heavy legs, edema, lymphatic stasis and varicose veins.

Dilute 5 to 10 drops of Mastic essential oil  in vegetable oil and massage the lower limbs and areas concerned in the morning and evening.

This oil is perfect to use in times of heat and humidity to relieve our heavy and sometimes swollen legs!

Upcoming Courses Montreal

6 - Aug 14 | Summer Program:
Thai Yoga Massage 1 to 6

6-10 | Thai Yoga Massage 1
13-17 | Thai Yoga Massage 2
20-24 | Thai Yoga Massage 3
22-24 | Table Thai 1
27-31 | Thai Yoga Massage 4
28 | Guided Review: TYM 3

3-7 | Thai Yoga Massage 5
10-14 | Thai Yoga Massage 6


9-17 | Thai Yoga Massage 2 (wknds)
20-24 | Thai Yoga Massage 1

17 | Info Session
23 | Intro to Thai Yoga Massage
24-28 | Thai Yoga Massage 1
20-24 | Chair Thai Yoga Massage


25-29 | Ayurvedic Thai Therapy 1
IYI, New York City

25-29 | Thai Yoga Massage 3
IYI, New York City

Thai Yoga Massage 1 with Kam Thye

August 24-28 in Toronto

Start your Thai Massage career this summer with the founder of Lotus Palm, Master Kam Thye Chow!

Our Level 1 course teaches a full body 90-minute Thai Yoga Massage flow, in addition to introducing the basic techniques; setting your foundation for a more advanced study.

Register online: Thai Yoga Massage 1 in Toronto on August 24-28th or by phone 647.352.7256.

If you have already taken Thai Yoga Massage level 1, you can join us again for only $150! Places are limited. Register by phone: 647.352.7256.

Lotus Palm Apparel

New items in our store

We have new T-shirts, hoodies and tote bags now available in our online store!

Lotus Palm apparel with the lotus flower logo, a symbol of the timeless and continual process of birth and rebirth, or an original drawing of the yin yang, a unique interpretation of two fish joined together in a symbol of universal harmony.

Available in our Montreal and Toronto centers and online.

Recipe of the Month:

Strawberry & Mint Milkshake

It's time for strawberries! What a delight, what a joy!

Here is a different way to enjoy the abundance of our good strawberries from Quebec!

Refresh yourself with this cold drink that will delight and awaken your taste buds on hot summer days!

See the recipe on our blog

Side Mats Special 2 for $50

Regular Price: $90 CAD

Do you need extra side mats for your practice? Build an even more comfortable atmosphere in your practice space with additional side mats.

Increase your clients comfort level or provide your knees with some extra protection.

• Made of non-slip foam rubber
• Latex free
• Portable and easy to clean
• Dimensions:
   39 5/8" X 16 1/2" X 3/4"
   (100.5cm X 42cm X 2cm)

* Special valid for a limited time.

Available online and in our Montreal and Toronto stores.

5244 Saint Urbain
Montreal, QC
H2T 2W9 Canada
Tel: (514) 270-5713
Toll Free: 1-855-888-5713
Fax: (514) 270-8620

517 Parliament Unit #2
Toronto, ON
M4X 1P3 Canada
Tel: (647) 352-7256


A Labour Of Love

When asked what I do, I answer: “I’m a Massage Therapist”. Not that this defines me but I do feel that this is the path I was called to be on. Some might call it dharma (universal order), a calling or life’s work, but whatever it is, I truly love what I do.

Over the years, I had the opportunity to research and develop workshops that I believe have expanded Lotus Palm and have put us on a bigger part of the map. Our 400-Hour Massage Therapist Program has been a labour of love. From our staff and teachers to our graduates, we are dedicated to offering the most experienced and most professional Thai Massage Training you will find.

Whether you want to be a Massage Therapist, are already one, or just want to learn a new skill, this will change your life forever.

-Sukha Wong
Director of Lotus Palm

The Summer Program is starting soon!
Thai Yoga Massage levels 1 to 6

July 6th to August 14th in Montreal

If you want to become a Thai Massage Practitioner and learn something new this summer, this is the perfect program for you!

Sign up for Thai Yoga Massage levels 1 to 6 in Montreal at this very special price and receive the 4 course manuals FREE!

Total savings of $675!

Course Schedule:
TYM 1 – July 6 to 10 with Sukha
TYM 2 – July 13 to 17 with Mirabai
TYM 3 – July 20 to 24 with Mirabai
TYM 4 – July 27 to 31 with Éléonore
TYM 5 – August 3 to 7 with Sukha
TYM 6 – August 10 to 14 with Kam Thye

More information and registration on our website

Thai Fun Fact: Thailand is where you’ll find both the smallest and the largest creatures.

The smallest mammal in the world, the Kitti Hog-nosed Bat (also known as the Bumblebee Bat) calls Thailand home. This tiny creature weighs only 2 grams and measures between 29-33mm. You could maybe spot a few when visiting caves along the rivers in Western Thailand and South East Burma.

In contrast, you could encounter in Thai waters the whale shark, the largest fish with an average size of 9.7 meters and 20,000 pounds! Rest assured, this giant and vulnerable species is a filter-feeding shark and prefers smaller prey like plankton and fish!

Thai Yoga Massage levels 5 & 6

August 3 to 7 and August 10 to 14 in Montreal

Don't miss your chance to complete your courses for the Advanced Certification with the Founder of Lotus Palm, Master Kam Thye Chow and our director Sukha Wong!

TYM 5 – August 3 to 7 with Sukha

TYM 6 – August 10 to 14 with Kam Thye

Levels 5 & 6 are only taking place once this year in our Montreal institute.

More information on our website.

• • •

If you have already taken a Thai Yoga Massage 1 to 6 course and would like to review, you can join us again for only $150 per level!

Places are limited. Register by phone: 514.270.5713.

More information about the "Take it Again" program on our website.

Yoga Festival Montreal: Super Early Bird Special

November 11-13 at the Centre St-Pierre

Do you want to know more about Thai Yoga Massage and how you can integrate this healing touch to your practice? For everyone curious about the Lotus Palm School, there will be a table to answer to your questions about Thai Massage, our training, courses and careers. We'll have specials available you won't want to miss!

Lotus Palm workshops at the YFM:

Thai Yoga Therapy - Yoga Healing Through Touch with Sukha Wong
  Friday, November 11 - 9am-12:30pm

Asana Adjustments Using Thai Yoga with Geneviève Gignac
  Saturday, November 12 - 10:30am-12:30pm

Take Advantage of the Super Early Bird Special$135 for a Full Festival Pass! Available until July 31st.

More information on YOCOMO's website

At the Heart of Lotus Palm

Suzanne Chan

"I was producing memorabilia for others and myself, but it started to feel unsustainable (in all meanings of the word). It was then that I started to look for ways to transition from product to service. Massage seemed like a good fit. I could work with my hands and be of service."

Read her story on our blog.

Ayurvedic Thai Therapy 1 with Sukha Wong

July 25-29 in New York City

Learn the fundamental concepts, history, and philosophy of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian healing system in which Thai Yoga Massage has its historical roots, along with practical methods of applying Ayurvedic knowledge to deepen the therapeutic quality of Thai Yoga practice. Discover how to customize a Thai Yoga Massage according to a person’s body type (dosha) physically, characteristically, emotionally, and spiritually.

This intensive also includes determining an individual’s Ayurvedic constitution (vata, pitta, or kapha); how to bring energy movement with vayus into Thai Yoga Massage; how to create a customized two-session Thai Yoga Massage wellness program; and how to incorporate the use of the knees as a massage technique in a 60-minute Thai massage flow.

Register online for Ayurvedic Thai Therapy 1 on IYI's website

Note: This program counts as Thai Yoga Massage Level 3 for students who are taking this workshop as part of the Lotus Palm Intermediate Certification.

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