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Celebrating 20 years of Metta!

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Upcoming Courses


Thai Yoga Massage 6
(August 12-16)

Info Session
(August 22)

Intro to Thai Yoga Massage
(August 23)

Assisted Yoga with Adjustments
(August 26-30)

Guided Review: TYM 3
(September 3, 5-8pm)

Thai Reflexology 1
(September 5-6)

TYM & Myo-Fascial Release
(September 9-13)


Intro to Thai Yoga Massage
(August 6)

Info Session
(August 16)

Ayurvedic Thai Therapy 2
(August 26-30)

Thai Yoga Massage 4
(August 26-30)

Thai Yoga Massage 1
(September 9-13)

Intro to Thai Yoga Massage
(September 10)

Thai Yoga Massage 2
(September 16-20)


Intro to Thai Yoga Massage
IYI, New York, NY (August 23)

Thai Yoga Massage 1
IYI, New York, NY (Sep 16-20)

Lotus Palm Side Mats Special

Regular Price: $80 CAD

Do you need extra side mats for your practice? Build an even more comfortable atmosphere in your practice space with additional side mats.

Increase your clients comfort level or provide your knees with some extra protection.

• Made of non-slip foam rubber
• Latex free
• Portable and easy to clean
• Dimensions:
   39 5/8" X 16 1/2" X 3/4"
   (100.5cm X 42cm X 2cm)

* Special valid for a limited time.

Available online and in our Montreal and Toronto stores.

Éléonore's Ayurvedic Tip

Nutrition According to Ayurveda

Very often I am asked if I cook or eat in an ayurvedic way, or if I offer ayurvedic cooking classes. You can easily find interesting recipes on the internet, but first, the most important thing is to understand the basics of how Ayurveda sees nutrition.

Read Éléonore's tips to understand ayurvedic nutrition on our blog.

Practical Uses For:

Grapefruit Essential Oil

This refreshing oil with a sweet and tart scent contracts and stimulates the tissues. It is a nerve and liver tonic. It is very useful in the care of oily skin, to fight against cellulite, and water retention by its diuretic action that promotes weight loss.

Anti-cellulite oil for self-massage:
• 10 drops grapefruit E.O.
• 5 drops evergreen cypress E.O.
• 5 drops rosemary camphor E.O.
• 100 ml of vegetable oil

* (E.O. = essential oil)

Apply to the problem areas after showering and vigorously rub in circular motions, starting from the feet and working up to the heart.

As many essential oils for pregnant or lactating women, grapefruit essential oil is to be avoided.

* Be careful not to expose yourself to the sun after using grapefruit essential oil because it is photosensitive.

Recipe of the Month

Baba Ghanouj

This tasty dip can be eaten with vegetables or mini pitta breads. It can be used to make delicious sandwiches as an original substitute to mayonnaise! It is also very easy to prepare, it just requires a little planning ahead of time.

See the recipe on our blog

Beat The Summer Heat

Cooling Energy Boost Spray

This summer, on hot days, cool off naturally and give your system an energy boost with this icy essential oil spray. Perfect for tired feet and legs!

You will need:
• 250 ml of spring water
• 20 ml of rubbing alcohol
• 30 ml organic vegetable glycerin
• 40 drops of peppermint E.O.
• 15 drops of eucalyptus E.O.
• 15 drops of black spruce E.O.

* (E.O. = essential oil)

Mix the essential oils with glycerin, then mix with alcohol. Add water and stir well. Pour into a spray bottle (you can find them in pharmacies) and leave it in the fridge.

You can spray this solution on your legs, feet, arms, and hands. Avoid areas where the skin can be very sensitive such as the neck and face.

See it on our blog

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Celebrating 20 years of Metta!

Dear all,

2015 marks our 20th anniversary! Come join us to celebrate with Sukha, Kam Thye and the Lotus Palm family!

In addition, we will also be honoring the 10th anniversary of the passing of our lineage Master: Asokananda.

As time moves forward, many people have passed through our doors and have been touched with the Metta of this very profound art of Thai Massage.

Our story started in 1995 with Kam Thye Chow, the founder, and has continued to flourish for the past 5 years, thanks to Sukha Wong, director and teacher. Both have established the Lotus Palm as an institution that will continue to thrive in the future. With this celebration, we want to thank you for your participation and support. You are invited to contribute to our community by way of sharing a meal and evening together!

When? Sunday, August 30th at 5pm
Where? Lotus Palm Center, 5244 Saint Urbain, Montreal, H2T 2W9

You are welcome to bring along a special dish to share with the community or simply come as you are. Oh, and don't forget to bring your own refreshments!

More information about this event on our website

Please RSVP in advance by emailing Véronique to admin@lotuspalm.com

Wondering what happened 20 years ago?

1. The Dalai Lama proclaims 6-year-old Gedhun Choekyi Nyima as the 11th reincarnation of the Panchen Lama.
2. “How to Live Forever” started a Laughter (Hasyayoga) Yoga club in 1995 with just five people in a public park in Mumbai. This practice combines yoga breathing with laughter.
3. Toy Story, the first entirely computer-animated film, hit theaters.
4. The hit rock band Grateful Dead broke up.
5. A little dating website known as Match.com was launched.
6. Sony released PlayStation.
7. The final episode of Full House aired.
8. Montreal Expos pitcher Pedro Martínez becomes the second Major League Baseball pitcher to pitch a "perfect game" leading into the 10th inning.
9. Quebec independentists narrowly lose a referendum for a mandate to negotiate independence from Canada.
10. South Africa won the Rugby World Cup.
11. Ebay made its online debut.
12. OJ Simpson was found not guilty of murdering his wife.
13. Disney's Pocahontas hit theaters.
14. "Jagged Little Pill" by Alanis Morissette won Album of the Year at the Grammys.
15. Craig Newmark founded Craigslist.
16. Courteney Cox was named PEOPLE's Most Beautiful Woman and Brad Pitt was named PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive.
17. Microsoft releases Windows 95.
18. The world population was 5,674,380,000.

Thai Yoga Massage 1 with Kam Thye Chow

September 9 to 13, 2015 in Toronto

Start Your New Career With The Original Thai Massage Master!

Come and learn from North America’s educational leader in the field of Thai Massage. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to take Level 1 with Kam Thye Chow, founder of Lotus Palm!

Perfect for people without any bodywork experience, this training is also invaluable as continuing education for massage practitioners. The gift of compassionate touch is empowering and available to everyone ready to discover it.

Register online Thai Yoga Massage 1 with Kam Thye Chow

• • •

Students who already took level 1 and would like to review can join this course again for only $150! Register by phone: 514.270.5713

More information about the "Take it Again" program

Yogathon 2015

August 22, Montreal & Toronto

We will be present at this year's Yogathon in Montreal and Toronto sharing the Metta! Join us and be part of this amazing event uniting people in 46 cities around the world to support a good cause.

We will be giving Thai Massages under the Lotus Palm Zen tent and receiving donations! All proceeds support Care for Children, a program dedicated to providing free education to rural youth in India.

Montreal: 9:30am - 1:00pm
McCord Museum's Urban Forest (2175 Victoria St)

Toronto: 9:30am - 1:00pm
Yonge Dundas Square (1 Dundas St E)

• • •

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers for these events! This is a wonderful opportunity to give massages, have fun and help this charity event raise more funds! Share the Metta!

Please contact us if you would like to volunteer with us:
Toronto: call 647.352.7256 or email infotoronto@lotuspalm.com
Montreal: call 514.270.5713 or email admin@lotuspalm.com

More information on the Yogathon's website

Thai Yoga Massage 6 with Kam Thye

August 12-16 in Montreal

Last chance to register for Thai Yoga Massage level 6 with the Founder of Lotus Palm, Master Kam Thye Chow!

Register online for Thai Yoga Massage 6

There's only a few spots left, so sign up now!

Yoga in Toronto!

Starting this September

After numerous requests about Yoga, we are super excited to announce a line up of YOGA and MEDITATION CLASSES starting this September at our Toronto Centre! Stay tuned for more information to come on our website.

This August come and join Sarah for some Yin Yoga Classes!

Yin yoga is a slow and deep practice of specific poses that focus on the spine, hips and pelvis. Poses are held for longer periods to carefully, mindfully and safely acces deeper connective tissues. Suitable for all experience levels. Beginners welcome!

For more information contact Sarah at sarahjaneyoga@gmail.com or 416-527-1556

At the Heart of Lotus Palm

Maude Auger-Sanscartier

"Before I started working at Lotus Palm as a receptionist almost 3 years ago, I had never heard of Thai Yoga Massage and I honestly didn’t believe in holistic practices. Fortunately, working here has not only changed how I think and opened my mind to a whole new world, but discovering this fabulous massage has also changed my life."

Read her story on our blog

Cabbagetown Festival

September 12 and 13 2015, Toronto

Saturday: 10am to 10pm & Sunday: 11am to 7pm
Parliament Street (from Wellesley St south to Gerrard St)

Already established as one of Toronto’s best fests, this is a great opportunity for you to check out what the local businesses have to offer and finish up with a relaxing Thai Yoga Massage! Of course there will also be information on our school, our courses and services and products! We look forward to seeing you there!

More information about the Cabbagetown Festival

If you have any questions or comments contact office@lotuspalm.com

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