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Upcoming Courses


Info Session
(Apr 11)

Intro to Thai Yoga Massage
(Apr 12)

Thai Reflexology 1
(Apr 18-19)

Thai Yoga Massage 1
(Apr 18-26) weekends

Thai Yoga Massage 3
(Apr 22-26)

Guided Review: TYM 3

(Apr 23)

Thai Yoga Massage 4
(Apr 29 - May 3)

Thai Yoga Massage 1
(Apr 29 - May 3)

Prenatal & Elderly Thai Massage
(May 7-10)


Lomilomi 1
(Apr 14-16)

Info Session
(Apr 25)

Assisted Yoga w/ Adjustments
(Apr 29 - May 3)

Thai Yoga Massage 1
(May 2-10) weekends

Thai Yoga Massage 4
(May 4-8)

Inro to Thai Yoga Massage
(May 7)


Thai Yoga Massage 2
IYI (Apr 22-26)

Thai Reflexology
Anchorage, AK (May 1-3)

Ashiatsu Mat
Anchorage, AK (May 5-10)

Info Session

April 11, 1-3pm in Montreal
April 25, 1-3pm in Toronto

Come by to learn more about Thai Yoga Massage and how to start your career as a massage therapist. Discover more about our classes, training and why the Lotus Palm is right for you!

Free and open to everyone!

Register for the Info Session in Montreal, April 11th, 1pm-3pm or in Toronto, April 25th, 1-3pm

Lomilomi 1

April 14-16 in Toronto

The Hawaiians believe that Lomilomi helps release the blockages in the body giving energy new direction and looking at all things in terms of energy flow. Lomilomi is not just a physical experience; it also facilitates healing on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well. Much of this work is done by loving compassion using loving hands and an open heart.

Lomilomi 1 will take place April 14-16 with Sukha in Toronto and August 7-9 with Jasmine in Montreal. Places are limited and going fast, so don't wait to register!

Assisted Yoga with Adjustments

April 29 - May 3 in Toronto

The Assisted Yoga with Adjustments course has been specifically designed for yoga teachers, pilates instructors, private coaches, or anyone interested in these practices.

In this workshop, you will learn to adjust yoga postures safely using Thai Yoga Massage touch techniques. With a good understanding of reading body and mechanics, you will be able to detect misalignments and how to properly correct them. This workshop will also help you bring your private classes to a more therapeutic level.

More information and online registration for Assisted Yoga with Adjustments from April 29th to May 3rd in Toronto.

Practical Uses For:

Palmarosa Essential Oil

Have you heard the saying "Till april's dead, change not a thread"?

Spring is here and after beating cold weather records this past winter, we can't wait to take advantage of the sunny days and nice weather! Unfortunately, putting away your winter coat too early often results in a cold or a flu! This is when palmarosa essential comes to our rescue!

Here are two ways to use this essential oil with multiple medicinal properties:

• For viral/bacterial infection: (in children and adults) use in a diffuser, inhale or take internally (always consult an aromatherapist beforehand)
• Physical and psychic fatigue: use in a diffuser, inhale, dilute with vegetable oil (40 or 50%) and massage the back, the solar plexus and the soles of the feet.

5244 Saint Urbain
Montreal, QC
H2T 2W9 Canada
Tel: (514) 270-5713
Toll Free: 1-855-888-5713
Fax: (514) 270-8620

517 Parliament Unit #2
Toronto, ON
M4X 1P3 Canada
Tel: (647) 352-7256


Complete all your courses in 6 weeks

July 8th to August 16th, Montreal

Sign up for all 6 levels of Thai Yoga Massage from July 8th to August 16th in Montreal this summer at this very special price and receive the 4 course books FREE!

Total savings of $830!

Summer Program Course Schedule:
TYM 1 – July 8 to 12 with Sukha
TYM 2 – July 15 to 19 with Mirabai
TYM 3 – July 22 to 26 with Mirabai
TYM 4 - July 29 to August 2 with Éléonore
TYM 5 - August 5-9 with Sukha
TYM 6 – August 12-16 with Kam Thye

Free Books: ($135 value)
• Thai Yoga Massage
• Thai Yoga Therapy for Your Body Type
• Advanced Practice of Thai Yoga Massage
• The Essential Guide

More information about the TYM Summer Program

Don't miss your chance to complete your Advanced Certification this year! Take levels 5 & 6 for the only time this summer. Spots are going fast, so sign up soon!

TYM 5 - August 5-9 with Sukha
TYM 6 – August 12-16 with Kam Thye

Thai Yoga Massage 3 & 4 with Kam Thye Chow

Level 3: April 22 to 26 and
Level 4: April 29 to May 3 in Montreal

By popular demand Master Kam Thye Chow is back in Montreal for Thai Yoga Massage levels 3 and 4! Continue your Thai Massage training with the founder of Lotus Palm, and complete the courses for your Intermediate Certification.

In level 3, learn the fundamental of Ayurvedic philosophy and the 3 mind-body constitutions (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) and how to apply these concepts in a new 60-minute massage flow. In level 4, you will further the study of Ayurvedic philosophy, including marma points (the pressure points of healing), Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle as well as how to perform a 90-minute Thai Yoga Massage according to a person's body-type.

Register for Thai Yoga Massage with Kam Thye Chow in Montreal:
• Level 3: April 22-26
• Level 4: April 29 - May 3

• • •

Students who already took this course and would like to review can join this course again for only $150 per level! Register by phone: 514.270.5713

More information about the "Take it Again" program

Toronto Yoga Conference

at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Come see us at BOOTH #1231 for information about our training and exclusive specials on courses. Experience Thai massage with one of our therapists and enter our draw for a chance to win a Thai Yoga Massage intro!

More information on our website.

Did you know...

There is a horseshoe-shaped bone that is not attached to any other bones in the skeleton?

Unlike other bones, the hyoid or lingual bone, is only distantly articulated to other bones by muscles or ligaments. It is situated in the anterior midline of the neck between the chin and the thyroid cartilage.

Spring Cleaning...
not just for your house!

Spring is a great time to cleanse. But that doesn’t mean you have to live on kale juice alone for a week straight!

At the Heart of Lotus Palm

Estelle Fèvre

"Thai massage made it into my life, like all good things, at the right moment!"

Read her story on our blog

Recipe of the Month

Homemade Hummus
Why waste money on store bought hummus when you can make your own? So easy and delicious!

Lotus Palm is coming to Alaska!

May 1st to 10th, Anchorage, AK

Lotus Palm is working with Open Space to bring these two great workshops to Anchorage! We can't wait to see you there!

Thai Reflexology - May 1-3, 2015
Reflexology is based on the belief that all parts of the body are reflected in the feet and hands. By applying gentle pressure to these areas, we stimulate and affect the corresponding part of the body to restore balance.

Ashiatsu Mat - May 5-10, 2015
In this workshop you will learn to glide along the body with your feet while stabilizing with the aid of a stool. This is a fantastic additional skill for any Thai Bodywork practitioner. Using oils, specific foot positions and pressure, the practitioner delivers a blissful and grounding massage giving her hands a rest and her receiver a unique and sumptuous whole body therapy.

Save when you register early or for both worksops on Open Space's website

Montreal Yoga Festival

June 5-7 at Le Conservatoire in Montreal

For everyone curious about the Lotus Palm School, there will be a table to answer to your questions about Thai Yoga Massage, training, classes, and careers. We'll have specials on courses that you won't want to miss!

More information about the festival on YOCOMO's website

"Thai Yoga Therapy" with Sukha Wong
Saturday, June 6th, 10:30am - 12:30pm

More information and online registration for this workshop

"Assisted Yoga with Adjustments" with Eléonore Piquet
Sunday, June 7th, 4:00pm - 5:30pm

More information and online registration for this workshop

If you have any questions or comments contact office@lotuspalm.com

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