IMPORTANT MESSAGE About Kam Thye Chow, Lotus Palm Founder


Dearest friends,

We sadly inform you that Kam Thye Chow passed away on Tuesday, March 27 in Santiago, Chile, as he was about to begin his month-long South American Thai massage teaching tour in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

He had experienced a heart attack during his flight to Chile (as witnessed by a doctor onboard), and upon arrival, he was accompanied to the hospital while still in conscious state. Despite doctors' efforts to relieve his pain, Kam passed away shortly after his family was informed.


Kam Thye Chow

In Loving Memory of Kam Thye Chow (October 5, 1958 - March 27, 2018)

Kam Thye was born in the small town of Ipoh in Malaysia. He began traveling the world at 19. He practiced and mastered martial arts through Kung Fu, then Tai Chi. He met Asokananda, his master or "guru" in Thailand. It was an encounter that would forever change the course of his life.

Asokananda had introduced him to Thai Massage, a healing art which later became Kam's passion and lifelong mission for 30 successful years. He was always dedicated to reinventing and beautifying his mastery of this healing art.

He founded his family in Montreal about 20 years ago. Since then, he remained dazzled and inspired by the beautiful and powerful love he has for his children, Keanu and Dana. These strong bonds nourished and softened him.

Disease came by to visit a couple of times, but he was never put down by it. He always proceeded onwards with his journey with great enthusiasm and lightness. He travelled the world over and over again to share his Thai massage mastery and passion. And as a result, Kam leaves the world with much Metta (loving kindness) and so many people abundantly touched by his art of living.

"Your life was a blessing. Your memory a treasure. You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure."

-- Anika Lefebvre, Keanu Chow et Dana Chow


Gathering to Honor Kam Thye Chow at Lotus Palm

Lotus Palm
5244 Saint-Urbain, Montreal, Quebec H2T 2W9

Friday May 18th, 2018, from 12pm to 4pm.

Bring a small dish to share if you like!
There will be music & chanting, eating, reminiscing and meeting friends, old and new.

Join the Facebook event here!

Can't make it? Be there in spirit!
If you cannot make it in person, feel free to send us a written thought or short testimonial at . We will read your words at the gathering on your behalf and add them to our Metta Wall dedicated to Kam Thye.


A Word From Sukha

It's taken me a while to process the news of Kam Thye's passing and to find the right words to share with you. I share this photo as well, because I feel that it says it all about our relationship.

Kam Thye Chow & Sukha Wong

Kam Thye’s love for life has always been 3 things. The love for his Family above all, Lotus Palm and Thai Massage. In the last few years he has been on a personal journey and in the last few months new adventures.

Every Tuesdays for the last 7 years he would make me lunch or I would take him out for lunch and coffee. We would discuss business, friends and personal life, we would disagree and agree to disagree and laugh about it. He would scold me and I would roll my eyes but I would also listen intently as a dutiful little sister would.

He was proud of me and he would say so. I told him he would always be Lotus Palm and he knew so. We held space for one another respectfully and sometimes frustratingly as siblings might do.

I will continue his teachings as he had intended for me to do so and honour him as he had honored his teacher before him.

His passing has affected me profoundly as I am sure it does for others.

One’s immortality lives in the memories of others and so he will live forever. May his journeys take him far, may his heart bring him home.


Lotus Palm director