The quality and the quantity of our sleep have a major impact on our ability to function. Indeed, any kind of sleep deficiency could create attention deficiency, reduced ability to concentrate, to think clearly or to have a social life, and it could also cause a feeling of weakness or some physical discomfort... There are several consequences, which will get worse if the problem is not solved as soon as possible.

Several measures can help you understand this imbalance a little better. First of all, as I discussed in a previous article, every moment of the day and night is dominated by a dosha (mood or energy). Here is a small reminder of the clock of the day:


According to this clock, the part of the night between 10pm and 2am is dominated by Pitta, the one between 2am and 6am by Vata and the one from 6am to 10am by Kapha. Identify which period is the most problematic for you and apply the following tips.


Problem: Trouble falling asleep but no trouble staying asleep

Out-of-balance dosha: Pitta

Tips: Try to go to bed before the Pitta period (before 10pm). If you are not going to sleep at this time, Pitta will take over your gray matter (one of its specificities) and you will feel very awake and productive at that time of the night. But Pitta's main function at this time is not productivity, but regeneration and repair of your systems (digestive and endocrine mostly). Encourage a routine by cutting down on screen stimuli as early as 9pm, especially the 'blue' screens. Decrease the stimulants in your day (tobacco, alcohol and coffee) and eat your last meal before 8pm. Before going to sleep, massage your feet with sunflower oil or with an oil containing brahmi, which has refreshing and nourishing virtues for the brain and nervous system. (Order your oil from me:


Problem: No trouble falling asleep but trouble staying asleep through the night

Out-of-balance dosha: Vata

Tips: You need to regulate and calm your nervous system. Drink a glass of warm milk (1/2 cup) with nutmeg (1/2 teaspoon) 1 hour before going to sleep. According to some studies, cow milk seems to be more beneficial, but if you are intolerant, you can use a milk substitute. Take a warm bath and do a self-massage (abhyanga) with sesame oil. If the massage is not complete, apply sesame oil on your feet, ears and at the top of your head before going to bed.


Problem: No trouble falling or staying asleep but trouble waking up before 8am and not feeling rested

Out-of-balance dosha: Kapha

Tips: If you think you sleep too much and are still tired when you wake up, try setting your alarm clock every day at the same time, preferably around 6am in summertime and 7am in wintertime. Start your morning with a dynamic yoga routine (such as sun salutation) and massage with a horsehair glove or a dynamic scrub under the shower to boost lymphatic circulation and finish up with a cold water rinse. Make sure you get at least 20 minutes of physical exercise during the day and eat a light dinner.


For more information, don’t hesitate to contact me for a private consultation. Have a good night’s sleep!



Eléonore is an Ayurvedic counselor.  She offers private consultations in lifestyle and diet, Ayurvedic massages and workshops. She is also a thai massage therapist since 2009 which she teaches for Lotus Palm.  Besides, she has been teaching yoga for the last 10 years.

Her passion for knowledge of the human body and a better art of living brings her always further in self-knowledge and of others.  She will listen to you with kindness and will guide you in a profound way to help you change your quality of life.