Natural cycles that surround us are governed by the different doshas (humors). Thus, Ayurveda separate the different phases of life, the seasons and the times of the day according to these influences. We need to stay in tune with these rhythms to take the most benefits out of it.

The times of day are divided according to the 3 doshas:

• Between 2 and 6 am and 2 and 16pm, the Vata dosha is dominant. Its qualities are those of clarity, insight and creativity. In the morning, get up between 4 and 6am. This is said to be an 'auspicious' time for meditation. The afternoon is the best time to create, innovate, do activities that regenerate.

• Between 10am and 2 pm and 10m and 2am, these hours are dominated by Pitta. During the day, the qualities of the digestive fire will be at its strongest at noon, so this is the best time of day to take your main meal. At night, it is important to sleep before 10pm. During this period, the endocrine system and liver cleanse the whole system. If you are awake during that time, you can not regenerate properly.

• Between 6am and 10am and 6pm and 10pm the Kapha dosha is dominant. Its qualities are endurance, immunity, calm and patience. So the morning is a great time to do your most intense activities (sports). In the evening, you have to enjoy the calm to prepare for the night. The meal should be light so as not to interfere with digestion during sleep.

Beyond the daily schedules, Ayurveda recommends a routine lifestyle in order to keep its nervous and digestive systems healthy.

• In the morning, as you wake up, the first thing you want to take care of is eliminate the toxins that have been cleansed during the night. Cleanse your face with water (especially around the eyes). Scrape your tongue with the edge of a spoon or with a special scraper (a coat has formed on the tongue overnight). Wash your teeth and nose with a neti pot (mix purified warm water with Himalayan salt) and oil your nose with nasya oil or sesame oil to lubricate your mucus. Take a glass of hot water with lemon. Above all, take your time in order to eliminate. The squat posture can help. Meditate, take a quiet walk. Have breakfast.

• Take all of your meals at the same time every day (biggest meal at lunchtime).

• Make sure you do your intense sports and activities in the morning or before 6pm. After it is time to start relaxing.

• Vigorous activities after 6pm may disturb your night. Choose to eat a light meal around 7pm, cut all media stimuli and television then. Take a bath, relax, go to bed before 10pm. You can massage your feet and sacrum with a little sesame oil before bed (it induces sleep and may help in case of insomnia).

All these habits could drastically change your lifestyle and you could see major changes in the quality of your sleep, your ability to concentrate and to make clear decisions or the quality of your hair, skin, digestion... Remember Ayurveda talks about prevention and harmony.

Eléonore, trained in the Iyengar yoga tradition, has been teaching yoga since 2008. Later, she completed an advanced 500h training in Kripalu yoga, in the United States. She has been practicing Thai Yoga Massage since 2009 in Montreal and is a teacher at Lotus Palm. Her passion for knowledge of the human body and a better art of living brought her to anchor her education in Ayurveda. She completed her 250h training at the Kripalu Institute and continues her education regularly. She currently teaches workshops to adapt your yoga practice according to Ayurveda.

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