Mickey HarrisMickey Harris' Story

I discovered Thai Yoga Massage from a Lotus Palm book I found at a library that I was just browsing around in, in San Marcos, TX a few years back. When I read the words Thai Yoga Massage, I instantly felt called to it. I have loved giving massages since I was around 7 years old. And I was always told I was really good at it but I never wanted to make it a career until I saw that book. I finally found a style that I want to truly learn and integrate into my life. So I decided to come all the way to Montreal and take the full summer program!

It took a couple years for my life to open up and allow me to travel, but ever since I decided this is what I wanted to do, it feels as though the universe agrees with me and is making everything happen so perfectly. It feels almost divine how perfect my journey to this school has been.

After taking 3 levels now, I am forever changed. The school, the teachers and the staff are all so amazing. The classes are held in the most beautiful room with all natural lighting. It is surreal being taught such a beautiful healing art in a place like this!

I truly love making peoples' lives better. The joy I get from helping someone feel loved and relaxed/energized is truly a gift from the universe! My friends and family have always been at the foundation of my life. And I have found healing touch to be my ultimate tool to help them feel better in this chaotic world. So I want to learn as much as I can to help soften the blow of this world on as many people as I am able. Right before I left Texas, I was offered to join and help build a healing center in New York. I believe the training I am receiving at Lotus Palm to be the most beneficial thing I can imagine offering to this new community that I hope to join!