Cristy's Journey

I became interested in Thai Yoga Massage after a long struggle of searching who I was, what my beliefs were and a career path that suited me. Nothing seemed to suit my personality, which frustrated me for a long time. I am a grounded, caring and a sensitive person. I went from varying career choices such as: veterinarian, fashion designer, nutritionist, to personal trainer. None of these sparked passion and excitement much as Thai Yoga Massage. I have been exposed to yoga and meditation as young girl, and have always been interested in diverse ways of taking care of the human body. After many Thai massages for relaxation and healing, it dawned on me that massage therapy would be a great career choice for me. This sparked my interest in researching different forms of massage, and Thai Yoga Massage was the one that stood out the most. It aligned with my interest in Buddhism, body mind and energy healing, with yoga all while integrating a calm environment. I was very happy to find one of the founding schools in North America, to guide me in the traditional ways in Thai Yoga Massage and to become a great practitioner.

I heard of Lotus Palm from the annual Yoga Conference and was very interested in learning their techniques. My family encouraged my pursuit to massage therapy and bodywork, because of my caring and quiet demeanour. My mother treated me my first Thai Yoga Massage class, led by Ian Gardner. His calm, gentle personality and teachings made me realize that this was my calling as a profession and a career. Being in an environment with like-minded people like Ian, would help me thrive as a person. I did my training both in Toronto and in Montreal, and all the teachers are very friendly, patient and knowledgeable. The learning environment is so welcoming, I am eager to help assist courses at Lotus Palm when needed. After having all these amazing teachers, they have made me fall deeper in love with Thai Yoga Massage.

On this journey of self discovery, I have become more conscious of the foods I eat, those I interact with and the environment I am in. All of which, makes me very enthusiastic to learn more. Thai Yoga Massage has helped me even further by becoming aware of the needs of people around me and how I can help them. Ayurvedic principles have opened up to a new world of learning, and how to heal with a proper assessment by body type. I have become confident in my abilities and have started my journey as an entrepreneur with Tara Thai Yoga, in Toronto. I am currently doing a desk exchange at Centre for Social Innovation Regent Park, working in exchange for having studio space. This is great way to start up my business all while building a network in my field. I plan to complete my yoga teacher training, travel and integrate my knowledge with future clientele. I cannot wait to finish Lotus Palm’s Practitioner Program and enjoy a fulfilling career as a healer.

Thank you,