Jasmine's Journey

Amazing how one thing leads to the next, it all started when I moved back from California to Montreal almost 8 years ago. After having worked as a graphic designer it was time for a change...

Realizing I’m a sensitive and intuitive person, who grew up with my mom always massaging us, I knew massage was my calling. I started working as a receptionist at Lotus Palm six and a half years ago for the founder of the school, Kam Thye Chow.

My interest in Thai massage was immediate, observing this graceful flowing dance between the giver and receiver. Soon, I was able to take Thai massage evening courses to learn this amazing healing modality.

After working as a receptionist for about a year it was time for another change... To deepen my knowledge and fully immerse myself in Thai massage, I decided to travel to Chiang Mai, Thailand, where I took courses through the Lotus Palm affiliate at the time, Sunshine School. Upon returning from 7 months of travel, I completed the Practitioner Program at Lotus Palm and then started to explore other massage modalities that Lotus Palm offered. By that time, Sukha Wong was the new director of the school, bringing her own experience and flavour, and offering new specialized courses like Lomilomi, for which I participated immediately. The more I deepened my knowledge on the various styles, the more my practice grew.

My passions lie in the benefits of healing touch. As a therapist, I experience the outcome firsthand. It is now my turn to massage my mom as she suffers from severe arthritis. Touch is what makes us human. If we listen carefully, our thoughts, emotions and discomforts are clearly communicated through our bodies.

The journey continues, as do my interests and curiosity. I continue to grow and learn from my clients as well as from the great teachers at Lotus Palm, where I’m very proud to be a part of. It is a sacred family; a community with abundant Metta!

Recently I returned from India, where I took a yoga teacher training course and continued to expand my yoga practice. This has again transformed me and made me realize that these tools must be shared! I now offer private yoga sessions along with massage.

It’s amazing how fast time flies when you do something you love so much… To think it was 5 years ago when I made the best decision of my life by becoming a therapist. This is now the path I completely dedicate myself to by spreading positive healing vibes. I am grateful to myself, my mom, and my teachers! Thank you so much to Kam Thye, Sukha and everyone at Lotus Palm.

Spread the Metta!