Geneviève's Journey

It is through yoga that Thai massage was introduced into my life little by little. It was during a long stay in the Caribbean with a fabulous teacher and therapist that had introduced me to therapeutic acroyoga, incorporating several Thai massage techniques. At that moment, I understood the amazing power of this moving meditation; a real sacred dance where two people meet.

A few years later, I felt the need to learn to touch again (a totally natural need that we all have, and that as an adult, is often stifled). I wanted to get in touch with my students differently and offer them quality adjustments. One thing led to another and gradually I found a real family at Lotus Pam, with whom I continue to evolve and grow as a human being and therapist for over two years now.

The concept of "metta" alone, loving kindness, did me so much good. It calls for deep listening and pure intention; it’s a spiritual experience in itself. I particularly enjoy the meditative aspect of the practice. I am indebted to all the teachers and students with whom I studied; they encouraged me, trusted me and allowed me to be and know myself more. The body and emotional work that goes on during training, through an Ayurvedic approach, leads us to inevitably untie the "knots".

Throughout my career, from level 1 to 6, through myofascial release (I also warmly recommend this course with Tony Eng) and Thai oil massage, I let myself be guided by my passion for body and mind. I have now begun studying osteopathy in September at the College of Osteopathic studies of Montreal, and my journey would have been much longer without Thai yoga massage in my life.

I now continue my practice with commitment and am eternally grateful. If I can transmit even a fraction of Metta through my treatments, teachings, my thoughts and interactions, I am fulfilled.