Gisele's Journey

Over the last 4 years, since 2011, the ancient healing art of Thai Yoga Massage had beckoned to me several times. Each time, the message originated from a different space and was transmitted with unique resonance, significance, duration and intensity.

My earliest and fondest memory takes me back to Moksha Yoga West Island studio, where I attended a Thai Yoga Massage introductory workshop presented by Sukha Wong and Mirabai Mosca.

Sukha had recently embarked as the new owner of Lotus Palm. I was deeply touched as she told us the story of how she discovered her own “calling”. The healing art of Thai Yoga Massage and “Metta” (loving kindness) had just unravelled for Sukha at the hospital as she nurtured her mother, who suffered a severe brain aneurysm and was undergoing a difficult healing process. I remember how Sukha’s hope, strength and dedication had sent a huge ripple effect of shivers and goose bumps throughout my whole body. That very moment was when I first discovered Lotus Palm. It prompted the beginning of a prolonged period of self-reflection, and serious questions about my own dharma. The deeper layers within my gut though were already sensing that the Thai art of compassionate touch would soon be back to play a more prominent role along my path. Only, I did not rationally know it then.

During that period, my solid 20+ year career as a corporate marketing communications & PR manager was progressively becoming routine and mundane. I wanted so much more out of life in terms of service to humanity. I was ready to plunge into a profound voyage of introspection and self-remodelling to attain a higher degree of satisfaction and fulfillment.

This is where I discovered my passion for both the physical, energetic and spiritual side of yoga. I ended up venturing into a 300-hour Ashtanga & Ayurveda themed yoga teacher certification with Yasmin Fudokowska-Gow (Yasmin Yoga Loft), followed by a 300-hour yoga therapist certification program with Carina Raisman (Re:source Yoga Therapy). This period of career reorientation coincided with an unexpected diagnosis of breast cancer in 2012. Little bump on the road, which taught me so many life lessons as I underwent surgery, chemo and radiation. This detour enabled me to be totally immersed in my own self-healing journey with so many teachers and facilitators around me. I had the privilege to learn and receive from Montreal's most experienced yogi, the well-honoured, 91-year-old Dr. Madan Bali, Doctorate of Complementary Medicine who works a lot with cancer survivors at Yoga Bliss.

While healing myself and refining my skills on the subtle emotional, mental and spiritual layers of the body, I discovered a very strong affinity for bodywork. Along with restorative yoga therapy techniques, I developed a quest for alleviating and releasing tension, traumatic injuries, cellular memory and energetic blockages causing dis-eases. I knew bodywork was the next module to specialize deeper in as an ANQ-certified yoga therapist (naturotherapist). After studying myofascial bodywork at Re:source Yoga Therapy with Mylène Bergeron and Tony Eng, and being introduced to Thai Yoga Massage by Albert Lee, I decided that Lotus Palm would be my next academic lily pad.

In spring 2013, I enrolled in Table Thai Yoga Massage Level 1 workshop, but quickly learned that I was hooked! I ended up completing all mat Thai Yoga Massage Levels 1-6, under the teachings of Sukha Wong, Eléonore Piquet, Mirabai Mosca and Kam Thye Chow. I attained RMQ-certified massotherapist status this year!

This September, I started exploring more deeply another modality in Thai Massage, but from a connective tissue perspective of fascial restrictions in movement within the joints, tendons and muscles. I took Tony Eng's brand new Thai Yoga Massage & Myofascial Release Level 1 course at Lotus Palm. This course was such a success that I really hope it will evolve into many advanced continuing education offerings.

In my bodywork practice, I am now solidly anchored and guided by my intuition and intentions. My quest for knowledge never ceases. I am infinitely grateful and passionate about my new role as a full-time Holistic Health Coach and Therapist. I call my business Gisele SETO bodyWOK, a zen fusion of yoga therapeutics, thai massage and myofascial bodywork. My WOK is always sizzling with fresh new approaches to facilitate healing, and to serve humanity with the right blend of Metta and therapeutic modality.

I feel aligned and at home right now with my dharma, having integrated into such a radiant community of teachers, spiritual leaders, healers, and friends. I am eternally grateful.

And guess what, I even get a big cherry on top of all this!

Yes, so much deliciousness is happening for me! This summer, I have co-written a book (the title still TBA). I am so thrilled and honoured to have teamed up with Kam Thye Chow, Sukha Wong and Tony Eng, as well as mind-body chef, Maya Furuta, on this project!

This book is a loving and passionate joint writing effort, highlighting each of our encounters with the healing arts of yoga, massage, bodywork and mind-body nutrition.

Mark your calendars! This book launches November 22, 2015 on Amazon.

Perfect way to continue cheering Lotus Palm's 20th anniversary this year and sharing the Metta!

Stay tuned for all the details!

In Metta & Gratitude,

Gisele Seto
Holistic Health Coach &Therapist
RMQ & ANQ certified

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