Yuko ArimitsuYuko Arimitsu's Story

After years of travelling the world, I came back to Japan, my native country, and started looking for a new career. I evaluated multiple options and finally got the inspiration to learn massage in Thailand, one of my favourite countries! So I went there, stayed for a few months and I loved what I learned! Now I happily go back every year to practice. Since then, I also gave massages in all sorts of places: in an international ski resort town, on a sunny beach, on the riverside of a village in the mountains…

I came to Montreal last summer and immediately fell in love with this beautiful and interesting multilingual city, so I decided to look for a job. I visited many Thai massage spas and found Lotus Palm. I instantly had a good feeling when I entered the school and I am so glad I was able to join their massage therapist team.

I also wanted to take some classes at the school but I was not sure my English skills were good enough to succeed. It has been hard for me to follow sometimes, but everyone has been very encouraging and they always take the time to explain and make sure I understand. I am so happy with what I have learned so far.

I’ve been coming into Lotus Palm for several months now, and I always feel good in this environment. I think it attracts passionate and dedicated people who want to grow as bodywork practitioners and I am very grateful to be part of this beautiful community, both as a student and as a therapist.