Andréanne's Journey

The famous question every young adult dreads so much is definitely: “What do you want to do when you grow up?” Over the years, my answer to that question has evolved a great deal. Although I kept changing my mind, I always had this itch to help other in a very organic way. As a retired international level athlete, I have come across a lot of different modalities of treatment. During a treatment, I have always had a hard time letting go and getting my little hamster to slow down and enjoy the present moment. One day, someone recommended I try Thai Yoga massage. The combination of massaging and stretching seemed like a natural fit. Oddly enough, it was the abundance of Metta that had me hooked. I felt like I was being nurtured and for the first time in a while, I let go. Slowly coming back to reality after my very first Thai Yoga massage, I knew in my heart I needed to learn this beautiful art. I would say it was love at first touch!

Thai Yoga massage was the first stepping stone in my therapeutic journey. The grounding and loving fundamentals on which it grows truly resonates with whom I aspire to become through my practice and whom I want to become as an individual. I’ve come to realize that through touch I help others ease their physical pain and through meditation I help them feel at peace, completely taking care of whilst on my mat. It, being a mind, body and soul experience makes it so enriching for both the patient and the therapist. Now looking to broaden my range of knowledge, I am studying ostheopathy at l’ÉPOQ (École professionnelle des ostéopathes du Québec). Embarking on this five-year journey, I have time to integrate every detail and combine the functional aspect of Thai massage with the structural approach of osteopathy. Eventually, when time will allow me, I’d love to share my knowledge with others to give back to the Thai massage community and come full circle.

On the way to my dream, I got lost and I found a better one. It’s funny how life happens. Before I found Lotus Palm, my life was all about my sport. Thai massage has opened my mind to a whole other world. A world where strangers become family. A world where compassion is overwhelmingly present. A world where you are accepted for who you are, no judgment allowed. Learning Thai massage and the principles of Ayurveda pushed me to question myself and to better myself in the process. I am extremely thankful to everyone who had a role in my journey, because of you, I know I am right where I belong.

Andréanne (Andie)