Dhokela's Journey

The practice of Thai Yoga Massage came to me this past winter in a humble yurt studio nestled in the woods of Maine. Two brothers built a birch and cedar yoga studio with no amenities, only a wood stove as a source of heat. You would have to hike out under the star filled skies at least half a mile across the snow barren fields, hearing coyotes in the distance. A class consisted of potluck dinners, steam treatments, hot yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, and other forms of bodywork. As you can imagine, it was an intimate space of healing during the cold winter season when body contact least happens! It was in that yurt that I discovered the power of intuitive touch and how we all have it in us. And when we come together and share it, lots of magic can happen!

While practicing, I wanted to go beyond intuitive touch and develop a strong foundation of techniques as well. To move into a state of professionalism where I can start having clients and offer them this modality of healing, especially to those who may not normally consider it or have little knowledge of it. I chose Lotus Palm because of it's well known reputation in North America, it's proximity to Maine, their professionalism, and how dedicated they are to see their students succeed! But what I discovered there by being part of their 6 week summer intensive program is much more than what I expected.

At Lotus Palm, I felt like I was a part of one big family, who's intentions are to cultivate loving-kindness. Coincidentally, I was already undergoing a Buddhist Zen Residency before coming to Montreal. At the zendo, I learned about the path of a Bodhichitta, which means heart-mind in Sanskrit and is the compassionate wish for all beings to be healthy and rejoice within themselves, not just oneself. Lotus Palm includes this Buddhist practice as part of it's curriculum, and teaches the power of intention. The heart of the school itself feels like a temple, especially retreating to their stone garden for lunch breaks. Thai Yoga Massage is truly a meditative practice and Lotus Palm has got it going on.

I hope to flourish my practice in Maine and reach out to all people, from farmers to office workers and share this form of healing. Currently, I am offering services at a community wellness center in Portland, Maine and hope to eventually build my own studio in the woods. Alongside Thai yoga, I'm practicing ecological and permaculture design which is a disciple that restores and regenerates landscapes. In a way, I find the two disciplines correlate quite closely in that one can restore balance in our body and the other restoring balance in nature. I hope to continue applying them in so many aspects of my life. Thank you Lotus Palm!

Much love,