KatrinaKarachun's Story

At some point in my life, I realized that I wanted to learn more about myself and the world. That is how my journey started...

Many years ago I started practicing yoga, became a yoga teacher and then learned a lot about the therapeutic possibilities of yoga. But I felt something was missing.

I understand now that it was the relationship with touch. Honestly, I had no idea about the existence of Thai Massage. And even finding first hints of the information about it seemed to be a revelation.

This discovery settled deep into my mind and became at the same time a dream and a kind of “unreal” project for future. Well, it seems it was not destined to stay a dream for too long!

 I started finding the information about Thai massage and Lotus Palm everywhere: by google research of Ayurveda, in the CVs of some yoga teachers and even by pure chance at the library.

 I studied thoroughly the training programs offered by Lotus Palm, came to an open house and especially enjoyed the welcome and the open and honest conversation we had when I came in for an appointment I took at Lotus Palm to find out more about their program. I was absolutely sure I needed that training and at this very school.

I needed it for further self-knowledge, for the possibility to make somebody’s quality of life a bit better, for the possibility of working from home and being flexible and available for my kids and finally, to fully enjoy my job which combines so well with teaching yoga.

Since then I took my full 400-hour program and I am now about to get my diploma and do all the necessary steps to officially become a certified massage therapist. I am proud to say I practiced a lot, even much more than what was required. There are already some people who developed trust during my student practice on them and are ready to continue with me now as clients.

I am constantly developing my relationships with touch since I started this journey with Thai massage. Many things change the way I massage, the way I touch and feel my loved ones, the way I adjust yoga postures in class, even the way I cook!

Thai Massage that we learn at Lotus Palm is a fine combination of the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, brilliantly adapted to fit the needs of modern lifestyle and that teach how to offer a personalized approach to every client.

All that precious knowledge sparkles and comes together when seasoned by Metta, the intelligence and the intuition of every practitioner.



Katrina Karachun