Marie's Journey

With a Bachelor’s degree in Biology under my belt and a passion for the human body, I set out to explore the world where I lived in France for five years. With theater; I discovered the physicality and playfulness of acting, movement, artistic creation and teaching. All of these skills then permitted me to travel around the world and work in Spain, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, New Caledonia and finally settling in Australia where I lived for 15 years.

2013 marked my return to Montreal, and the survival of my first real Quebec winter in almost two decades. I remember this day quite well; it was a February afternoon, and I looked out the window of my 3rd floor apartment and outside the streets was desolate and grey. I had never felt so far from sunny Australia; with its pristine white sandy beaches, sparkling crystal waters, blue skies, the scent of blossoming frangipani trees and eucalyptus!


Life has an interesting way of presenting itself, I found myself questioning why life had brought me back to the beginning. In that moment, in the midst of my daydreaming, something has caught my eye. In the distance, I noticed a house unlike all the others. On the windows, the words were written: ‘Yoga Massage.’ I was living right across from Lotus Palm! The following month, I attended the Lotus Palm open house. Three months later, I began my training in TYM 1-2 and in December 2014, I completed my six levels of Thai Yoga Massage!

What would’ve I become if it weren’t for this window of opportunity that have brought me on such an adventure? One thing is for certain, my life would have never become as enriched as it is now! Lotus Palm; an oasis in my desert which wasn’t a coincidence, but destiny at play! It was there to bring me to new challenges, and be on a path of new horizons. It enabled me a chance to provide and be there for others, to which gave me great happiness. I had always dreamed about but never put into practice beyond teaching.

With my background in biology and a profound understanding of the human body; has allowed me to deepen my knowledge to incorporate elements that are quintessential to the training of actors, this including: the importance of the breath, to be present in the moment and to connect with others. This has initiated to a new spiritual dimension for me; be it through the essence of Metta, this unconditional love and kindness, which is at the center of Lotus Palm, has enabled me to pursue my ongoing quest for metaphysical transcendence.

From the healing touch of Metta; to the unconditional love that we share with those around us, from the desire to bring relief and joy to those we cross and to calm or energize them by being present in the moment, to the beliefs of one’s own intuition; these are all things that Lotus Palm has taught me. On our last day of Level 6, Kam Thye told us: “Now you need to go into the cave and emerge only when you have forgotten everything you learned.” Such wise words of a master! In my practice now I try to forget, to let go, to trust myself and most of all to connect to my intuitive force and to connect the others around me. I am constantly reminding myself that the power of touch that is emitted from Metta and it is a force so powerful that it can move mountains! To give or receive a Thai yoga massage becomes a holistic experience where the mind, body and soul become one.

My experience at Lotus Palm is a truly unique one that is wholeheartedly enriching! Thank you to all the excellent instructors, whom helped awaken my consciousness. To Sukha who took over with an amazing spirit, knowledge and great sense of humour, thank you to all my peers and everyone working there, you are all the heart and soul of Lotus Palm!