Julie’s Journey

As an athletic therapist for the past 12 years, I constantly look for new techniques and ways to help people prevent and manage pain in their body. Serendipitously, my brother found Lotus Palm online and the more he read about it, the more he thought it resembled my values and teachings.

When I looked into the school, right away I felt the need to learn the techniques, to meet like-minded people and to nourish myself from their teachings.

I found a fluid way of incorporating bodywork with yoga. I enjoyed yoga personally and due to time constraints, never practised it as much as I would have liked even if I constantly urged people to try it and taught basic poses as “rehabilitation homework” to my patients.

I was surprised to learn how to address the needs of my patients/clients in a way that will connect with their own constitution and how help their emotional state as well as their body (whether they are consciously aware of it or not). I have discovered, through the teachings of Sukha, and her wonderful staff of professors, a lot about my own constitution and how to be in the right state of mind and body to best help the people who seek out my practice. These revelations have been a surprise and a blessing. I never expected to grow as a person as much as I did during the time I was expanding my “bag of tools”.

As my life will forever be changed in the most beautiful way, I now have knowledge to pass on this amazing gift to others. I hope to, one day, join the ranks of Lotus Palm teachers to deepen the capacity to share my passion with others. Thank you Lotus Palm and welcome to any future students to the wonders of Thai Yoga Massage taught so mindfully.

Julie Bertrand