Ramin's Journey

9-year old "special needs" child finds peace with Thai Yoga Massage

My name is Ramin, meaning "one who calms" in Persian. I used to think that I had inherited the quality of the name in reverse. That I was the one in search of tranquility. I once had a hectic and lucrative corporate career, requiring constant international traveling and a great deal of pressure. I left that world in 2007, finding myself exploring movement arts such as Budokon®, yoga, Parkour, Jeet Kune Do (a martial art invented by Bruce Lee). In the process, I even invented a new type of movement art named , Free Movement Arts (a fusion of yoga, parkour, gymnastic and martial arts movements applied to objects such as park benches, picnic tables, chairs, trees, railings, etc.) I followed a winding path in movement arts until I was introduced to the healing art of Thai Yoga Massage. Finally the meaning of my name seemed to fall into place.

When I began taking level one of Lotus Palm's Thai Yoga Massage course, I came home at the end of the first day and gave my two kids their first treatment. My 9-year old son, Taiga, has had trauma in his early life prior to being adopted from China. He was born with a severe cleft palate requiring many surgeries on his palate, ears, lips and teeth plus continuous sessions of speech therapy. Taiga has always had a rather active night sleep. He sometimes screams and often cries in his sleep. He frequently sits up in his sleep, wobbles, repeats a few words and falls back into his place. Furthermore, he tends to leave his bed and find the hardest place on the floor to lie upon. At first, I used to feel bad and return him to his bed several times each night. But the battle was always lost and he would soon return to the hard floor. This continued for years until:

I gave him his first Thai Yoga Massage treatment based on what I had learned in the first class at Lotus Palm. Miracle of miracles, Taiga not only did not cry or scream that night, but he actually was laughing, giggling, making happy, contented noises. No crawling, no crying, no fuss. The next morning, I asked myself: "can it be? Did he calm down due to the Thai treatment or was this just an exception?" So, on the second night, I did not give him a treatment and he cried again. On the third night, I gave him a treatment and he stopped crying again. So, I continued with him. Over the past few weeks, I have been giving him intermittent nightly treatments and his sleep patterns have completely changed. I happen to have just finished the second level of six levels at Lotus Palm. I can only imagine the healing power to be bestowed upon me by going further in my studies. I now know why I have received a "calling" to Thai massage; when I give treatments to my friends and family, they seem to arrive at a meditative and restful state. They become calm. I become calm.

My name seems to finally make sense: "One who calms." Thank you Lotus Palm for opening the path.