Farah's Journey

I was first introduced to the field of fashion and cosmetics as an international fashion model for 10 years. I spent most of my teenage years traveling between all major fashion capitals. My passion for cosmetics and beauty and my gifted talent of public speaking made me an excellent candidate for major houses. I began to train and teach all over North America. In 2003 I survived cancer and my career took a turn to wellness... I made the necessary changes to live a healthy, stress free life.

My devotion to care for others then started to become more and more clear. In 2007 I went to Maui where I received my first Lomilomi massage. I could feel the healing benefits of this beautiful ritual. It's upon my return from this trip that I said to myself that my next journey would be to India.

In 2008, I followed my dream and travelled to India on my first spiritual retreat. To this day, I continue to retreat every year. In 2012, I pursued my studies in Ayurveda in Kerala where I studied with Ayurvedic doctors and have taken many trainings. My calling for Reiki and Ayurveda was clear. Today I teach Reiki and I am part of HOPE AND COPE to offer my loving care to cancer patients at the Jewish General Hospital. I have been working as a massage and Ayurvedic therapist for 7 years now. Ayurveda has helped me heal and understand myself and others. Good health is achieved when your mind, body, and spirit are in harmony with the universe.

Two years ago, I was in Auroville, India in my favourite holistic centre, where I took an Intro to Thai Yoga Massage. I had no idea that there was a link to Ayurveda. My intuition told me this was the way. I loved it so much that I wanted to lean more! Upon my return to Montreal, I was convinced I wanted to pursue my studies. The Sivananda association guided me to Lotus Palm. I know I was destined to find this place and to be part of this wonderful family where the essence of Metta is the heart of everyday life. I knew I had found home.

To this day, I have taken many different courses like Table Thai Yoga Massage, Lomilomi, Thai Style Foot Reflexology and I am pursuing my training with Kam Thye Chow at the moment. I am honoured to learn with a Master of such wisdom. I have had many teachers, but he really took my practice to another level. My experience at Lotus Palm has been fulfilling and truly enriching. I love how every teacher shares their knowledge with us. For me, hands-on practice is so important and this is exactly how we are trained at Lotus Palm. After those classes, I feel ready to practice with confidence.

I am always offering something new to my clients. I am so grateful to learn and practice my calling that I plan to do all six levels of Thai Yoga Massage. I am thrilled to pursue my training at Lotus Palm. I would love to share my knowledge and teach one day at Lotus Palm!

Farah Quiroga.