Jeremy’s Journey

Thai Yoga Massage came into my life very randomly. I was about to register at a school for holistic nutrition after a year of battling with myself to finally take the plunge and go back to school. Health and nutrition has been a HUGE part of my life and I knew this was a step towards the right direction. One day, my friend Melissa asked me, “Hey! Have you ever had a Thai Massage?” I said, what the heck is a Thai massage? She explained to me that it’s the best massage she has ever had and that it’s a combination of Yoga and Massage. Clearly, I had to check it out. After my first amazing experience of a 2 hour, full-body treatment, something in me completely changed. I felt lighter, my mind was clearer, and I had an overwhelming feeling that, “this is it”. I couldn’t stop thinking about that feeling and how all I wanted to do was share this with everyone I knew. Soon after, I researched places I could immerse myself in Thai Massage and I found Lotus Palm. I took the 3 hour Intro class with Ian and there was no going back after that. It completely transformed my path in life. I decided that Holistic Nutrition could be put to the side as this was much more important. I still could help people with my website dedicated to living a healthy, active, plant-based lifestyle. I thought to myself, what would be better than to be able to help people, not only with nutrition and lifestyle, but to help people with their physical body and mind? It just made so much sense. I later learned that Lotus Palm offers something completely unique in the later levels, incorporating Ayurveda into your Thai Massage practice. That again changed my life and my practice. Your view completely changes and you’re able to completely personalize and help people on a completely new level.

When I decided to start my courses, I started in a way that not many people would. I took Anatomy and Physiology with Tony first. I cannot recommend this course enough to people who have little or no massage background at all. The understanding of the body and the way it works is of the highest importance. Yes, it was challenging; I’m not going to lie. But it was taught in a way that was very absorbable and practical. It wasn’t all theory, and you got to actually put what you learned into action and physically embody it with the emphasis of Thai Yoga Massage in mind. It really got me thinking about how I could help people most effectively, and what to really think about when doing so. I truly feel like that put me ahead, made me more aware, and a better practitioner hands down.

It’s been a wild, amazing, adventure ever since then. I have been completing all the course levels, different specialty courses like reflexology, and volunteering my time to help out at the school whenever I can. All the teachers and everyone I have met on this journey have been so kind, compassionate, and just the most outstanding people I know. I couldn’t be more thankful for the support, love, and guidance you have given me. I am forever grateful.

"Restoring balance and harmony in a physical, spiritual, and energetic level.”

Jeremy Matthew Wulkan