Greg Haggard's Story

2006 was a pivotal point in my life. After being in the rough and tumble world of construction for more than 25 years, I felt a strong need to do something that was more healing for both myself and my clients. I sold my business, fumbled around for a while, and eventually settled on massage, a practice I had some limited experience with, and felt a strong connection to.

It was during massage training that I fell in love with yoga. At first it was about dealing with the aches and pains in my body from years of physical self-abuse and the rigors of massage. But eventually, it became much more than that. The meditative and spiritual aspects helped me feel healthier in every way.

At one point, I considered taking a yoga teacher training, as a way to expand my yoga practice. The challenge was that I couldn’t see myself having a full time practice, teaching yoga and having any kind of life outside of work. In a conversation with a friend who was involved with the Lotus Palm training program, she suggested Thai massage as a perfect blend of yoga and massage. It made perfect sense!

I signed up for the Level 1 course with Sukha in February 2017. It was a fantastic experience. Sukha expertly guided a highly varied group of students through a 90 minute program, which was logical, effective, and felt really good to do as a practitioner. The sessions I have offered to friends and family have been quite well received. That same meditative, spiritual, healing energy I get from yoga seems to be a natural extension of the work.

I am looking forward to future training sessions, and adding this incredible practice to my professional repertoire.