Coco Finaldi's Story

I have received countless massages but something about this approach really nourished and soothed my body. It nurtured me as a whole. As a yoga teacher by profession, I was quite intrigued by what and how she was moving my body in all these postures & stretches. The treatment felt like home to me but also felt very mystical. After the massage, we chatted a while and as I left she handed me the Lotus Palm flyer, the school where she had trained. I left her studio and I was compelled to call the school and inquire about their training. The kind receptionist told me a TYM Level 1 was beginning the next day. I just knew; signed up and never looked back

The school buzzes with learning energy and the staff and faculty inspire and encourage people to learn, to connect and to grow. The various courses offered at the Lotus Palm are ALL very enticing and the knowledge is imparted and well suited for movement oriented adult learners. Their unique and organic approach make each course very human and also very spiritual experiences.

Every teacher I’ve had the pleasure to learn from at the palm are all very different, skilled and generous with sharing their knowledge. And the curriculums are skillfully paced which makes the learning and the integration very realizable. Every time I complete a course, I often feel compelled to sign up for another! I effort to remind myself to stay in the beginner’s mind and to practice practice practice. And most importantly, to practice compassion & patience.

In sum, The lotus palm is a nourishing & supportive place for the body, mind, and soul.

Patient, persistent and grateful.


Coco Finaldi