Tony's Journey

I’m going on 11 years embracing my journey of bodywork. Time sure flies! I actually came across the world bodywork after an injury of my lower back. During the healing process, I came across physiotherapy, chiropractic therapy, and massage therapy to help me with my injury. I was intrigued on the dynamics of the body and how complex yet fascinating it was. I had to learn more! I enrolled myself into a massage therapy course and never looked backed. This journey was not just about learning about the body, it was about discovering myself in ways that I never thought I would. I can honestly say I am constantly learning, and it will never end.

My path with Lotus Palm:

Thai Yoga Massage was part of my path at the beginning of my massage therapy career. After several great trainings at lotus palm and incorporating the techniques into my practice, my career took a turn in exploring another part of bodywork. I went off to study other osteopathic techniques such as Myo-Fascial Release, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Somato-Emotional Release, and Neural Manipulation. After a few years in my career, my good friend Sukha ecstatically told me that she is now the proud new owner of the Lotus Palm and wanted me on board to start teaching at the institute. I knew that I had to partake in this little journey knowing Sukha’s dedication and love of the healing arts. Thai Yoga Massage came full circle, but this time with a little twist.

Although at that moment, I wasn’t so sure it was my path to teach Thai Yoga Massage, even though it’s a beautiful modality. I haven’t practiced it fully for years, it was not the path I was heading towards anymore. Then Sukha mentioned to me that I have to teach the Anatomy and Physiology class to Thai Yoga Massage and Yoga practitioners due to my extensive bio-mechanic background of the body. We realized how important it was to know the biomechanics and the functions of the body to be an effective and well-rounded therapist. This is definitely a MUST for all practitioners that want to work in the healthcare industry. It just makes sense! As I taught this course, I started seeing students’ eyes light up and started to make sense of their practice. They started treating clients and pathologies with more understanding and confidence!

I finally came to the realization that Thai Yoga Massage is a great base for many techniques out there. From there, I decided to bring MY world of bodywork with the world of Thai Yoga Massage. In 2015, I developed a course on Thai Yoga Massage and Myo-Fascial Release. In this course I teach students to tap into the connective tissues and how to listen to body and follow fascia restrictions. Basically, we took Thai Yoga Massage postures and broke down from a fascia point of view. I was quite fascinated how I saw a course I took 10 years ago completely different now because of the knowledge I have of the body.

Why do I teach?

I am fascinated with the body and its function. It is such a sacred place and when we are allowed to explore it with great respect, it gives us great honor to be able to tap into this universe. My goal as a teacher is to show students that when we work with the body, it’s not just about the postures, techniques, muscle tension, it’s a connection we are creating between ourselves and something else that is beyond words. In my bodywork career the biggest lesson that I have learned is that I can’t help others in their healing and learning process when I don’t personally take care or understand my own process. Being a bodywork practitioner allowed me to deepen my understanding and connection to my own well-being. This is what I would like to bring as a teacher and therapist! I constantly learn from my interactions with my students, as much as they learn from me, I learn a great deal from them. I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the past, present and future students that constantly remind me why I teach.

My ultimate goal is to inspire and be inspired by how amazing our bodies, minds and souls are and how it deserves the upmost metta!