Geneviève Bessette's Story

I Yoga has always intrigued me even though I did not always practice regularly. To be actively present with the self, while keeping a flexible body and spirit has allowed me to have a sense of one’s overall health. When I first heard of Thai Yoga Massage; I was already a practicing massage therapist and I wanted to deepen my knowledge of this fascinating combination of yoga and massage. I was blown away by these techniques; for example, getting ready at the start of the course such as stretching to the mediation techniques this is where I could finally get out of my head and connect with each cell in my body. I was eager to demonstrate this massage to my clients but in return, they weren’t ready for it. They were too accustomed to the traditional table massage. I was a bit disappointed, so I ended up practicing this style on the side. Years have passed; I stopped receiving massages and practicing massage therapy as well. I wanted to find something more “serious” in my studies, so I went back to CEGEP in Arts & Sciences where I devoted my countless time and energy.

One day, a little voice told me to reconnect with massage therapy; this reignited a flame within me. By diving back into the therapeutic postures, some I have previously forgotten my eyes were drawn to a book by Kam Thye Chow. My heart wanted to renew with this massage that I had missed dearly. As soon as I stepped into the school’s new location, my eyes brightened with joy: there was something there that piqued my curiosity to learn.

What I am passionate about in Thai Yoga Massage, is the unity of the being. This ancestral knowledge - to me - is the best medicine for the body and spirit. This type of dynamic massage stimulates the level of vital energy points, which is found through stretching the different body segments. My exploration of massaging various parts of the body has allowed me to take a moment to take a step back and enable myself to fall deeply into the postures. It’s always a wonder to allow newcomers to discover this hidden gem. They would respond by telling me “How could’ve I not known about this before?”At the end of their massage, the participant would discover their body’s new limits and they leave with a presence beaming with energy. There is no age limit to this craft: my clients that receive Thai Yoga Massage range from 11 to 70 years of age.

Studying at Lotus Palm was the source of discovery for the Western emergence of this type of massage. It was upon meeting an inspiring individual that left his Malaysian homeland to the West and embarked on a journey to a new way of life filled with compassion and presence with the self. I’ve always found people at Lotus Palm full of heart, attentive teachers, and helpful assistants. This type of massage allows a slow and attentive care that helps us change our view of the world. At each visit to this amazing school, I feel this overwhelming sense of calm. I am incredibly happy that Thai Yoga Massage has found me, and that I can, in turn, offer this dose of Metta into the lives of others.


Geneviève Bessette