Valérie's Journey

Sometimes, a spontaneous pause happens in our life to help us reconnect and realise the path we have been on. Seven years ago, I was finishing up my bachelors degree in science at Mc Gill University; studies that have brought me a lot but were also exhausting. As soon as I got my diploma I left for a trip around the world. I definitely needed to refill my soul batteries and equilibrate this overdose of academics! It is during this trip that I found myself, in Thailand, undergoing a Thai massage training in the Lahu village, where Ashokananda once taught. I instantly fell in love with Thai massage, both giving and receiving. It’s when I came back to Montreal that I discovered The Lotus Palm and in the following year I completed the whole program and became a massage therapist.

Thai massage, for me, has been the first stepping stone into my holistic career path in massage therapy and yoga. Throughout the years I’ve had the privilege to give a large number of Thai massages, becoming more and more confident at ease this art form. It is only recently that I’ve started teaching this precious gift myself, coming full circle. Now a mom and fully invested with my husband in launching our own holistic studio, Espace Kaya, I take this opportunity to appreciate the path and where it has lead me to.

This past weekend, I was teaching a Thai Yoga Massage Level 1 class to 10 people. At the end of this course, we found ourselves in that somewhat emotional moment, when we realise that this learning and sharing together in this magical bubble we have created is coming to an end. At that moment, I told my students that for me, what we live learning and sharing Thai massage, writes itself in a collective effort to heal, and more than just healing physical pain and muscle tension, allows us to reestablish lost connections and to heal our modern syndrom of feeling disconnected. Rediscovering these connections between our bodies, our hearts and our souls and simultaneously our connection to others, thanks to the power of loving kindness through conscious touch. Which brings us back to a fundamental Buddhist truth: everything is interdependant. And thus, we are all connected.

Thank you Lotus Palm for all the opportunities for sharing and all the beautiful connections made; the present ones as well as those of the past and future.