Josiane O’Rourke's Story

There are a few reasons that have made me choose Thai Yoga Massage; from the first day of my trainings, I have noticed that there was a continuation of discipline that is found through yoga in which I teach regularly. Another is, how the philosophy, values and global approach was entirely similar to my yoga practice and I knew that this could be a beneficial therapeutic tool that I could share with my community

I have discovered Lotus Palm through a friend, and it has been two years since my Level 1 course. Due to my other activities and occupations, I have decided to complete each level offered at the school at my own pace. This makes me happy because I am able to visit the school more often over a longer period of time!


The trainings completed at Lotus Palm have allowed me to discover and approach the Ayurvedic teachings and have broadened my views on how we can take care of our well-being. I want to pursue my Thai Yoga Massage practice while raising my clients’ awareness about Ayurveda. To best understand one another through treatments; my wish for my clients is to seek their own answers, in a straight path in order to improve their health and well-being.

I appreciate the environment at Lotus Palm as a whole, this including the classrooms and the energy found in this space. The varied trainings are well tied together. A big thanks to all the teachers, with whom I got the  opportunity  to learn the art of Thai Massage: you are all true pedagogues, and equally extraordinary yogis and yoginis.


Long life to Lotus Palm 

Josiane O’Rourke