Ryan's Journey

A couple of years ago my wife mentioned Thai Yoga Massage as something she was interested in learning. With her being a yoga teacher, she explained that adding Thai Yoga Massage to her repertoire of skills would be highly beneficial. Having never really heard of Thai Yoga Massage myself, I looked into it through the Lotus Palm website. After doing some research I became intrigued by the idea of learning such a worthwhile skill, and told her that I was interested in taking the training myself. We agreed that it was my turn to take some training to further develop my skill set. At the time, I had limited yoga experience, and little to no knowledge of anything that related to Thai Yoga Massage. I signed up for level one and two, crossed my fingers and hoped that I was making the right decision. After a nervous day one at Lotus Palm in Toronto I was hooked! I experienced first-hand how transformative and uplifting it felt to receive and give Thai Yoga Massage.

I’ve always been passionate about being a contributor to positive growth. I believe that doing what you enjoy is important, but being of service to others offers a fulfillment unlike anything else. With my new skills as a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner I am doing what I enjoy, having lots of fun and am helping others. I’ve now taken all six levels at Lotus Palm and now my practice is thriving! Through word of mouth alone my client base continues to flourish. The enriching skills that I’ve learned at Lotus Palm have proven to significantly enhance my life. The in-depth training at Lotus Palm has helped me to gain a deeper understanding of yoga and holistic healing. With my new adoration for Thai Yoga Massage I now have plans to share this healing gift with others by inviting Lotus Palm to my home away from home in sunny Central America. It is an aspiring dream of mine to bring this well designed training program to beautiful Nicaragua so that others can experience what I’ve had the pleasure of learning.