Denis PetrovDenis Petrov's Story

The first time I heard about Thai Massage was through my first bodywork teacher, Pavel Schneiderman, the founder of “Integral Body Oriented Process” technique, in Moscow, Russia. He referred a lot to Thai massage masters such as Mr. Pichet, and explained to us that he took a lot from Thai massage techniques to develop the approach we studied. I found it interesting and, in my search to improve the skills, I started looking for a place to learn it. After I moved to Montreal, it took me some time to join a Lotus Palm class. I heard of the school from a friend with whom I had a class of bodywork. I joined the school for the first level with Mirabai in May 2017, and for the second in July. I also took level 1 of Thai Reflexology in January. I find it truly deep and important as a bodywork practitioner.

The Thai massage technique has a very powerful core part, which is focused on the proper distribution of attention and weight of the massage therapist’s body. It allows incorporating both of those components into the dynamic flow. The power of this technique brings a lot of flexibility and depth into almost any kind of bodywork approach that a practitioner might adopt. I totally love Thai Massage for the meditative, trance-like feeling it bears and for its ability to assist a client in reconnecting not only with their body, but also with their inner self somehow.

I feel grateful for the Lotus Palm crew and the nice and friendly space that they maintain. I appreciate their professional attitude and logical way of teaching. I already implement the elements of the flow we have studied into my work with clients, and plan to continue learning.