Maude's Journey

Before I started working at Lotus Palm as a receptionist almost 3 years ago, I had never heard of Thai Yoga Massage and I honestly didn’t believe in holistic practices.

Fortunately, working here has not only changed how I think and opened my mind to a whole new world, but discovering this fabulous massage has also changed my life. The several massages I've received have helped me to considerably reduce or even get rid of some emotional and physical pains I've carried with me for years. I've witnessed all the work they have done to my body, my mind but especially my heart. Overall, my well-being has drastically benefited from it! Whether it's by our students or our professional massage therapists, it’s always an invigorating experience of great relaxation, peace and physical and emotional benefits. The exchange of energies between two people during the massage is absolutely amazing; especially when you have a connection with the therapist. I've rarely felt a feeling like this during a massage... a feeling of love and trust in a way that I can feel the passion, the true desire to help and the loving kindness of the therapist during the massage. The stretching and meditative aspects combined with everything else truly make it a unique and exceptional practice.

Despite the fact that I will unfortunately not work at the center anymore, I will certainly continue to receive Thai Yoga Massages at Lotus Palm every once in a while since it is my favorite massage and it is truly one of a kind. I might even take the courses one day for my own knowledge and pleasure! My friends and family would grandly benefit from it and if I can make more people discover this massage, why not?

Even though there a new exciting life waiting for me somewhere else so that I can pursue my studies in early childhood education, I am sad to leave my family at Lotus Palm; a family composed of absolutely extraordinary people that I thank life for putting on my path. I have learned and grown so much here and I’m very thankful for everything that this experience has given me on professional and personal levels. Lotus Palm is a center where is it pleasant to work, live, love, exchange, discover, let go, recharge, meet new people, etc. Lotus Palm and everyone I’ve had the chance to meet here will always have a special place in my heart. This is not a goodbye but a see you next time!


Maude Auger-Sanscartier