Katy Kern's Story

Yoga has always been in my life. The practice allowed me to relax and find inner peace. When I became a yoga teacher and found my style, I wanted to serve my students in the ways that would help them find the same things. For a few of my students, it was hands-on assists or touch that allowed them to release the tension and sink deeper into poses both mentally and physically. I soon discovered more and more students that enjoyed the approach which led me to look further into hands-on guided yoga practice.

One day I simply typed into Google “Yoga + Massage, ” and Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Massage came up. I perused the website and discovered their training was what I needed to continue on my path as a teacher and practitioner. The evolution to learn more about Thai Bodywork was quite apparent and natural, so I could continue helping my students find peace and relaxation within this chaotic world of ours. With that, I signed up for the next course which happened to be at Kripalu Yoga & Heath Center.

Sukha Wong’s, owner of Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Massage, training was exceptional. Her approach to teaching the art of Thai Yoga Massage was clear and approachable. She created a foundation for each one of the students that week despite our varying backgrounds and careers. (Some of us were yoga teachers, Licenced Massage Therapists or simply curious about Thai Massage.) For me, I discovered the style of yoga I teach and practiced (Hatha and Yin Yoga) melded well with the applications of the Lotus Palm approach to Thai Massage. Compassion, love, and kindness are at the core of the practice mixed with rhythmic movements, gentle stretching, breath work which combine to help improve the health and well-being of the recipient.


I came back home with a renewed energy mixed with the knowledge to practice a full traditional flow. My continuing education of practicing on friends, friends of friends, and my students has been the greatest gift. Unique in their bodies and stresses, each participant relaxed and let go leaving lighter, energetically, physically and mentally.

Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage are my vehicles to help those who are searching for peace and relaxation. In fact, I have already been offered to become a staff member at a massage business here in Philadelphia. I will continue my education with more levels with Lotus Palm so I can customize the flow to each recipient and their needs. I am eternally grateful for Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Massage, Sukha Wong, Kam Thye Chow (founder) and all who have shared their time and energy on my path.


Katy Kern