Jackie's Journey

One day I was teaching a dance class and I had a guest student ask me, out of the blue, if I did Thai Massage! I had never heard of Thai Massage, but she was a student of Lotus Palm at that time and she said, “I really think you'd like it”. It only took me a few weeks to figure out that I NEEDED to learn how to do this wonderful stretching exercise. Right?

So I began giving Thai Massage about nine years ago when I completed my Essential Certification from Lotus Palm. I wasn't a massage therapist or a yoga teacher; I was a dancer who appreciated a different form of partner bodywork, which at that time I thought resembled Thai Massage. Over time I came to understand that Thai Massage was so much more than an exercise, and more about healing through body work and even more about Metta, compassion and truly caring for others.

But, I became ill shortly after working on all my documentations and getting my certificate. That forced me to stop doing just about everything in my life for a while and make a lot of changes. Most of all I had to move up north and slow my life down. So that is what I did - I moved my family up to a small town where we didn't know anyone and we'd have to start ‘life’ all over. We haven't looked back! At first it was difficult to be an outsider but I believe I was drawn to be in this town for a reason. I took on few jobs outside my usual work as an Artist Educator and Art Therapist including most importantly working with a very special little boy who was only a toddler at that time. I was told he'd never ride a bike or sing or talk, so I agreed to prove them wrong. And that is what I did for three years until he went to school as a running dancing laughing singing little person. When he went to school it was like my own child had left me, there was a feeling of emptiness and loss.

I began searching for meaning in my life again. It was also Christmas and I needed to make some money, so out of necessity I put together a little promotional package for a Thai Massage practice. The Universe was on my side; I sold gift certificates successfully and started giving the odd massage here and there. The massages I gave were not the best but I was still receiving a lot of good feedback from the people in my small community while I also tried to educate them about the differences and advantages of Thai Massage.

Spring came, inspiring more growth and action. I decided to go back to Lotus Palm School almost 10 years after starting. I took the Thai Style Head Massage course with Jasmine de Jager, which became a really nice addition to my practice and my clients love the extra attention addressed to their neck and scalp. But that was just getting me started again. Since that time almost one year ago I have gone back and redone my level 1 with Kam Thye Chow, I've taken the level 3 with Sukha Wong and level 4 with Mirabai Mosca. During this time I have felt a shift in my life, finding a quiet contentment and embraced Metta in everyday life. While working on the documentations for my intermediate certification I have also immersed myself in learning about Ayurveda, which I'm sure I will spend the rest of my life continuing to learn about. I'm steadily building a wonderful base of clients who appreciate the differences in their lives made from these wonderful practices. I feel excited to be learning again and I've committed my life path to giving Metta healing and Thai Massage; and taking care of my clients’ body, mind and soul.

I've just recently taken the Herbal Compress class with Sukha and I'm excited to be taking the Thai Yoga Massage and Myo-Fascial Release course next week with Tony Eng. And the learning doesn't stop there! I feel empowered to keep going and look forward to spending two weeks in Montreal this summer taking my level 5 and 6. I feel passionate about taking care of people and listening to their needs. I always have, and through Thai Massage I can create a closeness and connected-ness to really be able to make a difference in my clients’ lives.

Giving Thai Massage fills me with a kind of energy and a connection to the Universe. I feel incredibly grateful to be doing this and building a career and a business. I've made so many wonderful friends through Lotus Palm and feel grateful to be part of the Lotus Palm family.