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Guided Review

Guided Review

 Always using the same postures? Can't remember an entire flow? Feeling that your transitions between postures are not as smooth as you want? Hate a specific posture? Haven't received or given a Thai Massage in a long time? Don't have anyone to practice on? This three hour guided review is designed for our Lotus Palm students who wish to go over an entire Thai Massage flow of a specific level 1 through 6. An instructor will guide an entire flow twice. Students will partner up with each other both giving and receiving that will take 90 minutes each.

Note that these reviews will be counted as 1 documented massage and that the levels 1 to 4 guided reviews are part of the requirements for people doing the Thai Massage 400-hour Therapist Diploma Program.

Please bring your own sheets to cover the massage mat.

* Students must reserve by calling the Lotus Palm center in Montreal at least one week before the scheduled date. (We need a minimum amount of registrations to run these guided reviews)

Cost: 20$
(Free for the Thai Massage 400-hour Therapist Diploma Program students)

2018 Dates

Wednesdays: 6:00pm - 9:00pm

  • January 17: TM 4
  • February 21: TM 1
  • February 21: TM 4
  • March 28: TM 2 
  • April 25: TM 3
  • May 30: TM 4
  • July 18: TM 1
  • August 1: TM 2
  • August 15: TM 3
  • September 12: TM 4
  • October 10: TM 5
  • October 24: TM 6
  • November 14: TM 1
  • November 28: TM 2
  • December 12: TM 3