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Ayurvedic Thai Therapy 2

Ayurvedic Thai Therapy 2

Deeply root Ayurveda into your practice!


This advanced course is an expansion of Ayurvedic Thai Therapy 1 & Thai Massage Level 3 with new postures inserted to create a longer and more versatile massage.

This course is hosted by Integral Yoga Institute New York (IYI)
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This course is in English

Ayurvedic Thai Therapy 1

November 6 to 10, 2019
Wednesday to Sunday
10am to 5pm

Ayurvedic Thai Therapy 2 begins with a complete review of theory and techniques learned in Ayurvedic Thai Therapy 1. This course further deepens the study of Ayurvedic philosophy which includes learning of the marma points (the pressure points of healing), Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle.

Course content

  • How to perform a 90 minute Thai Massage according to a person's body-type
  • How to identify and massage 18 marma points (vital energy points) & their healing properties
  • Prevention and therapeutic relief for common ailments for each dosha
  • Adding essential oils to your massage
  • How to create a 4-session Thai Massage wellness program that takes into account nutritional, lifestyle and yoga recommendations according to a person's body-type

Required Reading

  • The Essential Guide
  • Thai Yoga Therapy for your Body Type

* Books are not included in the course price.

Returning Students
If you have already completed this course, you are eligible to retake it for only 50% of the current price.

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