Institute of Thai Massage and Traditional Bodywork


July 10 to August 18, 2019

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to complete all 6 Thai Massage Levels back to back and enjoy summer in Montreal at the same time!




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Saturday March 30
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Practitioner Certifications

Want a Certification in Thai Massage?

Whether you are a Massage Therapist already or simply want to become a Thai Massage Practitioner, our Thai Massage Certifications are designed for you! With 6 Levels of training and 3 Certifications, you have the flexibility of choosing your own schedule. So, what are you waiting for?

Our Thai Practitioner Certifications will take you on an invaluable journey of self discovery and teach you skills that promise you will never look at another person in the same way again. Learn to read body types and customize your Thai Massage sessions using Ayurvedic principles working with energy and acupressure points. By the end of the 6 levels you will have learned 7 hours of Thai Massage and over 200 postures.


Lotus Palm’s Practitioner Certifications are divided into six levels of instruction; it progresses from a solid theoretical foundation, through to advanced massage techniques. Lotus Palm’s course load is derived from the traditional art of Thai Yoga Massage and also incorporates the significant teachings of Ayurveda, Sen lines and Marma points. The understanding and techniques acquired in our Practitioner Certifications, equips our students with the practical knowledge and hands-on experience, to provide therapeutic treatments in a manner that is professional and secure.

* Note that, in Ontario, Certifications are not available. Full range of Thai Massage workshops and Certifications are offered through our Montreal office.


Please contact us for further details on Certification Requirements.