Institute of Thai Massage and Traditional Bodywork

Metta CD

Metta CD


A rejuvenating sound massage for body, mind and spirit with acoustic instruments.

Tracklist and duration:
1. Water (12:36)
2. Fire (11:41)
3. Air (13:09)
4. Ether (13:57)
5. Earth (10:45)

Music by Uwe Neumann


Musician Uwe Neumann creates magic with the instruments of Sitar, Sansa, Monochord, Didjeridoo, Singing-bowl, Cymbals, Bells, Voices, Framedrum, Tanpura, Bansuri (bamboo flute) and field recordings. Whether practicing yoga, massage or simply listening, you will be taken on a unique musical journey of balance and restoration.

Inspired by Ayurvedic principles, this collection offers a transformative experience for all. The five compositions represent the great elements of water, fire, air, ether and earth and have been carefully arranged to ground, sooth and uplift.