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Lotus PalmWelcome to Lotus PalmWe are the largest Thai Yoga Massage School with the most complete and versatile Thai Yoga Massage program in North America if not internationally.

A new beginning with Lotus Palm means we have an opportunity to explore new developments and consider new courses to offer our students. I am truly excited that we have this opportunity to apply our creative energies.

My vision is to work with you to help spread the philosophy of Thai Yoga and the integration of body, mind and spirit. Through this calling, like in all aspects of my life, my mother's spirit continues to guide me. She taught me everything, especially the importance of inner strength, hard work and compassion. These will be the guiding principles of the Lotus Palm moving forward.

Together we will help others to bring the body, mind and spirit into balance and harmony. We will bring each other, and our students, loving kindness and a compassionate touch.

We are committed to offering the most up to date and innovative workshops.

Our Massages

At Lotus Palm, our team of certified professional massage therapists are dedicated to delivering the ultimate relaxation experience you deserve! Discover the range of massage forms that Lotus Palm has to offer and immerse yourself in relaxation.

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Our store

Visit our new and improved online store, rich with unique products! Lotus Palm is dedicated to producing quality Thai Yoga Massage products. We aspire to aid your practice, energize your mind and soothe your body.

At the heart of Lotus Palm

Marisol Eggleton
Lotus Palm Student

Marisol discovered the therapeutic side of Thai Yoga Massage through acroyoga. She completed Thai Yoga Massage levels 1 through 6 at the Montreal Lotus Palm and she shares the benefits of Thai Massage combined with acroyoga in her practice.

"I immediately connected with the concept of “metta” (loving kindness) that is central to Thai yoga massage. I’m convinced that if more people experienced this on a regular basis, the world would be a better place!"

I came to Thai Yoga Massage somewhat circuitously. My background is in science and I’ve worked many years in the public service. I’d had a couple thai massages in California but had never understood the basis of it. I’d been to Thailand as a kid but never heard of it.

Read the rest of Marisol's story on our blog.

Lotus Palm April Newsletter

Lotus Palm April Newsletter:
For the Love of Thai!

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Have you been certified?

There are three practitioner certifications for which you can apply after having completed your courses and prerequisites: Essential certification, Intermediate and Advanced certifications. These certifications will permit you to be recognized and to practice professionally!

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What’s New this Month?

We want to hear from you! Are you interested in our blog? Have any questions or would like to share your recipe with the community? Contact us by email or Facebook! 

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